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Protect your period

Protect your period

This isn’t the time for getting worked up about having a glass of champers (that’s Champagne for my US friends that can’t understand the Aussie slang haha).

This is the time for surrendering, relaxing into love and CONNECTING.

It isn’t the time for watching your carb intake. I mean my god, we treat it like we are eating shit for 2 weeks when it’s literally like 1 day!!

NEWSFLASH: overeating one day of the year isn’t going to turn you into an elephant.

It’s going to feed your soul and if you can snap out of this insane need for control (dw babe I’ve been there) then you can actually enjoy the day. It’s the one day of the year where pretty much you’re a weirdo if you don’t have a food baby.

For me, this isn’t the day where I watch my portions. Well, I still eat like 80% vegetables on Christmas and my food is always still very healthy, but I defs go OTT on the turkey and ham. And there’s no shame with that because that’s #LIVIN.

Okay, so to keep your period in check though, it’s important you don’t have this outlook from the 20 December – 4thJan. OR you might fricken know about it for the 3 months following.

Whatever you are doing now, can affect your cycle for 3 months AFTER. This is because it takes 90 days for the follicle to come down into ovulation.

So, take note:

  • Drink water to keep your liver being flushed out from all the excess alcohol
  • Take yo’ magnesium! Make sure you get my magnesium glycinate, and take 400mg a day (4 capsules). Magnesium is needed for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body and detoxification is one of them! (it also helps BIGTIME with the hangovers)
  • Follow my hangover tips after you’ve gone OTT on the fancy champagne
  • Eat breakfast. DO NOT. I repeat, DO NOT, go without breakfast. You are 1) setting yourself up for insatiable hunger and then eating too much too quickly, 2) you are more likely to say to yourself ‘oh I didn’t eat breakfast so it’s acceptable for me to eat 10 gallons of chocolate’ and 3) you are going to crash and die when all of a sudden you shove a lifetime supply of food into your mouth. When I say crash and die, I mean go into a food coma and want a nap. Now it aint much fun to miss half of Christmas day because you were fricken napping is it?!
  • Apple cider vinegar is your saviourrrrr. Drink it before meals, between meals, and any other time. It cleans your system out like no one’s biz and helps you find more room ;)
  • Get enough sleep. IF you don’t sleep enough around this time, your hunger hormones will be in overdrive and it’ll be 10x harder to keep your cravings at bay
  • Eat mindfully. Don’t eat a pile of chocolate, gingerbread cookies and Christmas pudding whilst on your phone or watching TV. Read more here if you wanna know why.
  • Be active. Keeping your blood pumping allows for optimal circulation which means that your digestion is able to stay on top of its game and keeps things in motion.
  • Eat plenty of veggies. Veggies are full of fibre which will help you stay fuller for longer (so you’re less likely to overeat the scorched almonds Mum laid out) and they also help to detox your liver.

In terms of protecting your own energy, it is so important to keep your boundaries in check! It is vital for you to know what it is that you need to be doing in each moment so that you can stay in alignment. If you don’t create the energetic space within you, you are more likely to be triggered, defensive and respond in a disempowered way in social situations.

So whilst these tips will help you to feel good over the break, the MOST IMPORTANT thing is to have fun. What I always say, is that “if it fuels your soul, it’s good for you.” So alcohol, sugar, carbs, bread, not exercising CAN be good for you if it is done from a place of LOVE and it is feeding your soul.

So have your focus over the holiday season to feed your SOUL. Get drunk, eat the sugar and let your hair down. Don’t beat yourself up. ENJOY LIFE! Life is here to enjoy and I PROMISE that if you can embrace your food baby, the fact that you drank too much and you’re stress pimple, you will be 500x more confident, you will be GLOWIN’ and you will be the person that everyone wants to be around. And this happiness will lower your cortisol and help protect your period.