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190: How emasculation hurts both men and women

190: How emasculation hurts both men and women


This episode is all about:

Examples of emasculation
How men can also emasculate the masculine part of a women
Emasculation in the workplace
When you are actually empowered, you empower others
How emasculation actually stems from insecurity


A lot of women haven't learnt how to express their needs and their truth, and as a result of that they emasculate instead of being aware of the actual issue.

You can emasculate yourself as a women, because you can shame your inner masculine (that part of you that wants to show up, lead, direct). When you say "I'm not good enough/ strong enough", you are emasculating your inner masculine.

When you emasculate someone else, you also emasculate the same part of yourself.

The more that you can celebrate and embrace your inner masculine as a women, and obviously your inner feminine, it's going to help you to not emasculate men. When you heal your relationship with men, and also your own feminine, and the feminine, you will then let men lead and receive everything. For men, when you stop emasculating yourself, you will stop tolerating women that are emasculating you.

When a women isn't embodied in her feminine, she can't receive from a masculine man, and often she will project her discomfort around receiving by emasculating. When a women is in her feminine and empowers her feminine, she desires to receive, rather than surprising her desires because of a trauma response.

Here is the episode Monica mentions about 'what is emasculation?':