Magic, Money & Manifestation

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Imagine if making lots of money and manifesting your dreams was easy.

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Let me ask you this…

  • Do you often choose the ‘cheaper’ option at the supermarket and from a place of scarcity?
  • Are you feeling stressed AF about finding your soulmate?
  • Do you get super stressed and anxious before opening your bank account?
  • Do you wonder if you’ll ever have your dream life, and it makes you feel shit? 
  • Do you find that you often have more bills than you can handle?
  • Does money go out just as fast (if not faster) as it comes in?
  • Were you raised in a household where the common thing thrown around was that “life is hard,” “rich people are greedy,” and/or “money doesn’t grow on trees”?
  • Do you have lower back pain – it’s related to money…
To manifest the life of your dreams

Let’s use magic and teachings…


The power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

Imagine if making lots of money and manifesting your dreams was easy.

How good would life be?

For me, the most powerful thing I’ve given myself is the tools that allow me to trust the universe, and in doing so, the universe has supported and guided me to some of the most amazing and powerful moments.

Even when I doubted, she had my back.

This is the thing.

Money is not the root of all evil. Rich people are not bad. Spending money isn’t bad. Wanting more money isn’t bad.

Using magic to attract in your dream life is our birthright. It’s not greedy. It’s not snobby, and it’s not wrong.

You were put here to experience GREAT things, and why the FUCKKKK would you deprive yourself of that?!

You'll learn how to...

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  • Drop The Fucking Limiting Beliefs In Your Head.
  • Reprogram Your Beliefs Around Money, Your Dream Life, And Understand The Truth Around Money.
  • Understand How To Receive Money And Respect Money.
  • How To Be A Vibrational Match For Your Desires.
  • Increase Your Confidence Around Manifestation.
  • Learn To Live In A State Of Flow With Your Life.
  • Understand How Manifestation And Money ACTUALLY Works.
  • Experience FREEDOM Around Money!
It’s time for you to actually do something about the money stress and dream life stress… because even if you don’t like to admit it… I know it worries you. How do I know this? Because it used to be my biggest fear… that I wouldn’t be successful, find the James to my Bond, and that I wouldn’t have the money to live wherever I wanted to and help change the world.

How dreamy would it be to never stress about money again? To never worry if the dream house will come alongbor the dream man because you just KNOW it’s around the corner?

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When you heal your relationship with money, you no longer have to hold yourself back from your wild dreams. You get to have what you wish for and CELEBRATE it with joy! You heal a part of yourself that wants to be fully expressed!

Abundance is a gift that we are given on this planet, and until you actually let yourself have an amazing relationship with money, you are missing out on a BIG chunk of how abundance is shown to us. PLUS, who doesn’t want to feel deserving, worthy, and abundant all the time? Abundance is our birthright. Luxury is a feeling, and we GET TO HAVE IT ALL.


6 modules (see below for modules) 
4 reprogramming tracks/meditations
Journal prompts 

All for $297!

  •  Welcome to MMM! 
  • Emotions, being THAT version of you, becoming a match for your manifestations, getting out of your shitty situations, clearing limiting beliefs, fuck luck, being ‘enough,' and fears around money 
  • Journal Prompts



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