MYH Coaching Certification

350-hour coaching certification

The Monica Yates Health Certification is everything that the average coaching certification is not. 

As a coach that broke into the industry before it became a 'thing' and now one of the leading faces in the coaching world, she knew that a better certification needed to be created that encompassed a truly holistic approach. 

This Certification is closed until further notice. In the chance that Monica opens this again, get on the waitlist and you'll be the first to know.



transformative healing across multiple areas of life. Giving your clients sustainable results.

Monica's 18-month online & in person program offers one of the most extensive training periods in the industry. We want to ensure you have ample time to master each skill and become a well-rounded, confident coach ready to make a lasting impact.
What's missing in the industry

Results that last

The old-school text book coaching is out. True somatic healing that gives clients results that last them a lifetime is in. Monica doesn't engage in mediocore mindset work. Her work has changed thousands of lives because it gets to the root issue and clears it for good


Educating clients on positive mindset and SMART goals isn't enough. That's google-able and doesn't change someones life in the ways Monica's Modalites do. She goes beyound just healing and into ensuring the work actually STICKS.

A truly holistic approach

Become the ultimate solution for your clients, eliminating the need for them to seek advice from multiple professionals with different advice. Monica's certification empowers you to address a diverse range of interconnected issues, making you their exclusive one-stop shop for transformative healing.

The amount of content, support, guidance, practice, feedback and value makes the investment so worth it. Monica has sooooo much knowledge on all things trauma, periods, manifesting, feminine energetics, and food and she has created the course sharing all this knowledge. Cannot recommend Monica and her certification enough!

— Rachel Bourke
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How To Be A Stand Out Coach

I entered the industry BEFORE it was even peaking, and since 2019, it's had a 62% increase in annual revenue (as an industry). And since starting back in 2017/2018, I've been able to really see what's shifted in the industry and, as a result, what YOU need to do to stand out in the crowd.

I'm taking you through what DOES work to stand out LONG-TERM even as this industry is growing.


This certification is for the woman that is serious about being a healer & coach.

Unlike other certifications that focus on a single topic, Monica's program delves deep into every aspect of trauma and healing. We believe a healer/coach should be well-versed in all areas, so your clients don't have to seek multiple specialists for healing. From trauma healing to sex, feminine/masculine dynamics, mindset work, manifestation, relationships, coaching men, breathwork, and anger release, you'll gain in-depth knowledge & experience on a diverse range of essential topics.

  • She isn’t just looking for lots of money and a nice life, she cares deeply about changing women’s lives
  • She knows that she was born to help people and has the natural ability to be strong, she has drive and determination and she doesn’t wallow in her victimisation
  • She’s done the work and is now ready to learn it all
  • She isn’t afraid of the workload and challenges that come with the job, she’s excited for a bit of hard work
  • She has discipline, healthy habits in her life and the desire to go all in for the next 18 months

This isn't just for anyone. This is for the woman that is deeply ready to devote her life to helping others. That knows in her soul she's here to do this work and wants the BEST trainining in the industry. She want's to be confident in her work and not like every other coach out there.

  • This isn’t for the woman that is escaping from a job and wants to be a coach because it seems ‘trendy’
  • This isn’t for the woman that wants to just make a lot of money without also working and taking hard aligned action

This certification will allow you to have a mind, body and spirit approach with your future clients. I’ve been able to facilitate insane, electric transformations in my clients and it brings me so much delight to be able to teach this to those that are feeling called.

This isn’t just about learning subconscious healing. This is about neurolinguistic programming, hypnosis, energy clearing, meditation, manifestation, sex, sensuality, feminine and masculine energy, productivity, past life regression, periods, food and nutrition, confidence, numbness, emotional alchemy, embodiment work, shame, tantric, trauma release, nervous system re-coding, inner child healing and so much more.

By becoming MYH Certified, it will allow you to become an expert in many modalities and facilitate life long transformations in both men and women without any doubt.

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This certification is accreddited by the International Association of Therapists.

If you want this to
be the year that you
finally commit to:

Inside the syllabus

PAGE 03: About the certification
PAGE 07: Start of content outline for the 18 months
PAGE 22: Exam information
PAGE 23: Inclusions + pricing
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If you’re ready to hold space for other to heal their trauma, connect to their pleasure, re-write their stories, clear their bodies of blocks, understand their own bodies and so much more, then firstly, have a read of the syllabus and then if your heart/womb/gut is still saying ‘do it!!’, then join the waitlist. You will be emailed when enrolment is open and be given the opportunity to submit your application.


For specific inclusions in the training, please refer to the syllabus

Monthly live Q+A's and trainings with Monica + weekly lessons that you lifetime access to

In Person training event in June 2024

Exams, quizes & pro bono hours to ensure that you're a top-tier coach and healer that's deeply confident in my modalities and teachings

Telegram Q+A for questions and extra support through the 18 months


Interested or ready to apply?

Applications are currently closed. Please follow the instructions by clicking the link below. If you're not ready to apply, you can just join the waitlist and apply later. Please note that there are only 4-6 spaces available. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can lock in your space. It's not confirmed as to if this certification will run again in the future.

If you have already joined the certification for next year, you get 50% off the NYC or Paris Immersion. If this is you, please email us with details (, and we'll work together on claiming your space!
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