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I'm a trauma healer, embodiment coach for men and women, and period whisperer. I'm a double Sagittarius and a rising Gemini, an enneagram 8 and a generator.

Over the last 7 years, I have become an expert in helping women step out of their masculine armor, tap into their core feminine desires, and live a life in alignment. Through the use of trauma healing, inner child healing, womb clearing, womb activation, subconscious reprogramming, embodiment, somatic work, and a shit ton of other modalities, I have helped thousands of women heal their cycle, reconnect with their period, break their trauma cycles and no longer be triggered by their past.

I've always been obsessed with helping people, giving advice (when asked, of course), and understanding health and psychology, so when I discovered that coaching existed in 2016, I knew this would be my thing. The idea of seeing patients clinically for nutrition or psychology didn't feel like it would really change someone's life... So I made up my own thing. I started my bachelor's and certification and started heavily researching everything to do with physical, emotional, and mental health. My Saturday nights became more about PubMed and less about Tequila.

Now I could give you some long ass spiel about my life – but I want to keep things short, sweet and to the point.

I didn't always live this life. It's been a journey that started the year after I finished school (2015). I grew up in what would be seen as an 'idyllic' childhood/family. My parents were still together (still are), there was always food on the table, and I went to good schools. So naturally, I thought I didn't have any trauma.

I didn't realize that getting into bad situations with boys, binge drinking, and hating my body wasn't normal. It was how I felt validated by men, which later made me hate men.

This is an important part of my journey as my hate towards the masculine showed up in my hustling, burnout, horrendously painful and heavy periods, missing periods, and toxic relationships. But I never thought to look at it because I didn't have any MASSIVE traumas (or so I thought).

My period went missing after coming off The Pill back in 2015, and I first thought it was the greatest thing. I had a terrible relationship with my period, and I truly thought it was the worst thing in the world. However, after not having a period for months, my body started shutting down, and I became pre-menopausal with my hormone levels.

 Fast forward, and my new boyfriend, whom I met after diving head first into understanding my cycle, got my period back. Yes, I said that.

I couldn't believe that after trying all the herbs for MONTHS, I got my period back after dating him for like 4 weeks. So I became obsessed with looking beyond just the surface of food and supplements for healing your period and found the world of femininity/masculinity. Changing my diet and supplements got rid of my heavy periods and pain, but it wasn't bringing my period back after the pill... so I knew I had to look deeper.

My shitty relationship with my femininity meant that I shunned the most feminine part of myself and became a cold, masculine woman because I thought that's what cool and successful women do. But my boyfriend at the time woke me up to the fact that a masculine woman does not turn on a masculine man.


This opened up my whole world.

My terrible relationship with men got me into all kinds of crappy situations that made me hate my femininity and subconsciously act like a man. I did everything to try and be validated by men because I just wanted my dad's validation.

Finally, I worked on myself after my business wasn't taking off in early 2018. I found somatic healing, and even though I thought, "I didn't need it," I was in for the biggest surprise of my life. I came home to myself. For the first time, I could soften in front of a man and no longer play 'cool.' I could be warm and inviting. I could actually let my armor down. I became obsessed with understanding trauma, feminine and masculine energy, manifestation, and anything related to energy, personal development, mindset, trauma, and the body.

After starting this work on myself, my life coaching business took off in late 2018 and I was taking my educational Instagram Lives about periods off instagram and into 1:1s. My business started gaining momentum and I was helping women heal their cycles and reprogram their subconscious mind. As I started having 1:1 sessions,  this 'weird' thing would start happening where I would start guiding a client through a modality that I hadn't learnt anywhere...the words were just coming out of my mouth. 

And the results people were having were blowing my mind. My clients couldn't believe our sessions. They couldn't understand how 1 session with me fixed something they've been working on for 5+ years. So, in late 2018, I started re-watching my client sessions and writing down exactly what I was saying. I kept using these modalities and channeling more in my sessions, and as a result, I have a whole library of "Monica Modalities" that I use daily with my clients both in person and online.

After healing my own trauma and health issues, my mission became about helping EVERYONE to live their best life. That encompasses healing your trauma, getting rid of blocks holding you back, having full physical health, embracing your truth as a woman or man, silencing the social conditioning that programs us, and living from your heart. 

I truly want everyone to feel free in their mind and body. Because when you have that, you will receive everything you desire. 

My obsession with learning everything about hormones, periods, trauma, frequency, manifestation, mindset, relationships, and the difference between men's/women's brains has allowed me to create the business I couldn't have imagined.

Every day, I'm learning. I'm a generator 3/5, so essentially, my life path is to experiment, make mistakes, and then become 'free' as a result. I flourish in finding the truth of situations for myself and thus finding the 'teaching' to teach you. As a 3/5 we are designed to make mistakes, get the teaching, and then quite literally share it with the world. When I found out this information about myself in 2021, I was like... "well, this makes sense!" 

So here I am, taking every day as a lesson. Learning through my own faults and ups and downs with myself, my business, my relationships, etc., and bringing it to you. So you can skip the steps and reach your dreams quickly. 

After spending so much time from 2019 (when my business REALLY snowballed) to now, healing woman heal their relationships with men and see the pain that is caused by a lack of healing (and thus projection and misunderstanding), I've become both fascinated and passionate about helping women to stop emasculating men, and better understand them. 

After doing so much work on myself around healing my relationship with being a woman and healing my anger towards men, it allowed me to see the overbearing pain that so many people are in. Society is making women feel like they must be men to succeed, and men are being made to feel like their masculinity is dangerous. The misinformation and lack of depth to this topic is one that I'm very passionate about. I've seen firsthand the positive benefit it has when a woman can embrace her femininity because she feels safe around men and has healed her pain towards them, not only the emotional and mental benefit but also the physical. So many women complain about there being 'no good men,' but they're also emasculating them simultaneously. 

I used to do this. I used to think it was the only way to get through to them, and I projected all my pain onto the men in my life, thinking it would get me what I wanted, but it didn't. This topic is something that I discovered 2 years into doing my coaching and healing work, and the results for both my female and male clients have been profound. Ultimately, when you are not living in alignment with your core as a human, you're going to throw everything out of balance. 

So this is your place where you have permission to be YOU. To shut out the noise of who we 'should' be from the outside world and just come back to our core nature.  

Bachelor of Nutrition | Certificate IV in Life Coaching | Graduate of LCA (ICF ACTP Accredited) ANZI AACC Credentialing | Certified  Wellness Coach | Reiki Level 1 | Certified in PTSD Counselling & Management  (IAOTH, UK Accredited ) |  Certified Advanced Level Psychology (IAOTH) | Internationally Certified Trauma & Recovery Practitioner (IAOTH) |  Certified Breathwork Instructor  (YACEP) , Fully Accredited Psychotherapy Diploma (CTAA)

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  • Spending time with all my girlfriends, going out dancing the night before and being lazy in bed the next day
  • Being cozy AF! It’s snowing outside and I’m reading a book with a hot cacao elixir in front of an open fire with a sexy man next to me
  • Shopping!
  • Sleeping until midday and watching TV


  • I have a half sister
  • I love summer
  • I hate vegetables soooo much
  •  I have two fake teeth 


  • Public Speaking
  •  Insects especially spiders 
  • Going on a plane
  • Insects especially spiders
  • Heights
  • Public speaking
  • Going on a plane


  • Bum
  • Hands and back
  •  Arms and back 
  • Eyes and eyebrows


  • Seedlip margarita
  •  Cacao elixir 
  • Kombucha

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