Let's heal your trauma, embody your most authentic, feminine self & activate your dream life.

Embody the LIMITLESS woman you were born to be.All 1:1 packages are completely bespoke.

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Currently booking clients for October 2024

Due to my wedding this year and the launch of my book, there is limited availability for 1:1 spaces and I'm already booked out into mid 2024! Other offerings to look at are Queen Alchemy, my 3-Day Immersion and The Feminine CEO (for business owners) for high-level offerings where you get intimate access and support from me.

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A bespoke experience is awaiting you...

You get to indulge in the pinnacle of trauma healing, feminine embodiment, and wealth energetics with my 1:1 coaching. That feeling of soaking up the Italian sun? Same vibe when you work with me.

My coaching is meticulously crafted for those with unwavering commitment and desire to make their Pinterest board the life they are waking up to every day.

This is no ordinary work. I guide you into a space where profound transformations and healing await as we use the mind and the body to create rapid somatic shifts. I'm your guide and healer, but how I work allows you to ultimately heal yourself.

The power and choice to change stays with yourself and your body in every session, making this healing work more potent than the average Reiki session or meditation.

I've never been one for cliched, run-of-the-mill solutions. My approach is a blend of unique methodologies, known as the Monica Modalities, perfectly interwoven with my sacred HER blueprint. My work is rooted in somatic healing and deep embodiment practices that will shatter your trauma from the root and dissolve the limitations that keep you stuck in your current reality.

Our sessions are not limited to just talking; I'll safely guide you to reprogram your nervous system, expand your body's capacity, free yourself of trauma and energy blocks, unlock HER, and birth the most authentic, feminine, magnetic, and expansive version of you.

You'll find that those old triggers no longer hold power over you, and you'll be able to navigate life's challenges with ease, grace, and no self-judgment.

The transformation you'll experience will feel like magic. Allow it to be something that cannot be conceptualized, but you know, WORKS.Don't be surprised when you say, "Monica, I can't believe it! I handled that situation like a pro and didn't even think twice about it!" -- that's the norm from our work together.

It really does feel like magic. For both you and I.

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You know you deserve to be deeply happy, aligned and radiant. 

I've been through the trenches myself, and worked with thousands of women from all walks of life. My blend of deep empathy and love for you combined with no-nonsense fire, is a unique touch that is palpable in your coaching experience with me. 

I've got the secret sauce to ensure that you have sustainable, long lasting results. I'm not about a quick fix that only lasts 3 months (it's a waste of your time and mine).

My job is to make myself redundant to you. I don't want you to need me on speed dial anymore or to become co-dependent on me. If I did, I wouldn't be doing my job. 

Instead, I ensure that you are integrating all our healing into your life so that you can live out 'the work' and most importantly, trust yourself again. Because you are your best guide.

...and don't forget you kinda owe it to yourself to live the life of your dreams. 


Trauma lies in the brain stem. Talk therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy is great for you to be aware of your trauma, but talking until death about your trauma isn’t going to ‘fix’ it.

It’ll make you more aware, probably feel worse about yourself *and* it may actually re-traumatize you or cause you to have a drama-addiction. If you are just working on ‘thinking’ your way out of your shit, you’re doing it wrong.

You know how people say "I'm tired of talking about this?"
well that's because talking doesn't necessarily cause change to happen on a somatic level. In fact, most of the time it doesn't because 80% of the signals your brain get, come from your body.  The cognitive part of healing (talking) account for only 20% of the signals in your body. 

Over the last 7 years of running my business, I have created a space of unparalleled healing and re-coding of your body.

Allow me to guide you to inner peace, re-wire your body to radiate your feminine essence and free you of your trauma. 

If you are seeking to heal your trauma, elevate your sexual experiences, ignite your passion for life, overcome longstanding emotional traumas, shatter your mental barriers, and exude unshakable confidence, then I am the woman to guide you.

I will lead you to your truest self, guide your body to release years of trapped trauma and provide the healing to uplevel your life in more ways than you can comprehend.

For over half a decade, I have honed in on my craft, helping people from all walks of life come home to themselves. I have developed a unique and profound way to assist people to heal from all sorts of big and small trauma, break through their glass ceilings, re-code their body, re-wire their mind and become the truest version of themselves.

This work is about coming home to yourself. Stepping into your greatest life.And being your most aligned an authentic self.

Please note, working with me in a 1:1 container requires an investment of both time and resources to allow you to truly get the results you deserve. Depending on the bespoke package, prices range from USD 12,000 to USD 36,000.

I challenge you to see this container as expansive in your mind and body. You deserve to spend this time and money on yourself, so it's up to you to choose your future self and your happiness. Be prepared to shed your victim mentality, feel the rewards of taking big leaps and claim your deepest desires.

 If you are not ready to immerse yourself in such an expansive commitment, I invite you to explore my other offerings displayed under the 'work with me' menu tab.

Examples of what I can work on with you.
  • Drug addiction and abuse from family members and/or themselves
  • Quantum leaping in your business (energetic, healing and strategic work is done)
  • Alcoholism from family members and abuse that came with it
  • Rape and any level of sexual assault
  • Re-coding your nervous system
  • Emotionally unavailable parents
  • Emotional neglect as a child or at any stage of your life
  • Avoidant or anxious tendencies now and/or as a child
  • Breaking through money and business ceilings 
  • Being ‘cold’ and struggling to soften, let people in and be vulnerable
  • Painful sex, or a fear of being intimate
  • Eating disorders and negative relationship with food
  • Religious trauma
  • Bullying
  • Painful periods
  • Miscarriages and abortions
  • Communication and being able to speak your truth in any and all situations
  • Fears of rejection and/or abandonment
  • Anxiety of any sort
  • Constant reoccurring dreams
  • Period problems of any kind
  • Always being in a fight or flight response. Being stressed all the time, overwhelmed, fear of not doing enough
  • Being very reactive, quick to explode, or be aggressive
  • Partners that have cheated, broken your heart, lied to you, manipulated you
  • Unexplained Infertility
  • Abuse of any kind (physical, emotional, mental)
  • Being addicted to the hustle with your business
  • Feeling like you have ‘block’s in your business that’s stopping you from getting to your next level
  • Scarcity around money
  • Accidents of any kind (car accidents, ski accidents, bike, horse riding, etc…any kind of physical accident that makes you nervous to go and do the same thing again)
  • Skin issues (rashes, constant flare-ups, acne)
  • Controlling parents and/or partners
  • Releationship with food/your body issues
  • Business elevation and easy marketing 
  • Customised business support so that your business supports your life (and the life you want)
  • ...and so much more
My 1:1 spots are currently being booked for July 2024. Fill out the form below to get started!
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Due to my wedding next year and the launch of my book, there is limited availability for 1:1 spaces and I'm already booked out into mid 2024! Other offerings to look at are Queen Alchemy, my 3 Day Immersion and The Feminine CEO (for business owners) for high-level offerings where you get intimate access and support from me.


- Monica Yates

Love from previous clients...


Monica is currently booking into 2024, fill out the form below to start the process!

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