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The Man

A 7 week journey for you to get rid of your trauma so that you can be free of the things that hold you back from achieving your goals and being deeply fulfilled.

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I want you to get curious with yourself for a

  • Do you find yourself second-guessing your relationships with women? 
  • Are you struggling to communicate what your heart wants to share? 
  • When a woman wants you to open it, does it feel like ‘too much’?
  • Do you often feel like fully expressed women can be overwhelming for you and therefore it can cause you to shut down? 
  • Have you noticed patterns in your romantic relationships that you don’t understand, yet are so fucking ready to fix? 
  • Was sex not talked about much in your family?
  • Are you feeling insecure and nervous about even reading these questions because your ego doesn’t like to admit that you aren’t THE fucking MAN yet? 
  • Are you craving, desiring and deeply wanting an amazing, fun, supportive, and stable relationship with a woman? 
  • Do you wish that you and your guy friends were more open and helpful when it came to talking about things?
  • Were emotions and feelings never really talked about in your family?
  • Do you struggle to trust your feelings? Because feelings aren’t facts? 
  • Does any part of you think ‘can this young woman really be the one to help me?’ – spoiler alert – yes, I will be.
  • Do you find yourself always busy with work and looking for the next best thing? 
  • Do you struggle to keep your focus on one woman at a time? 
  • Have you noticed that when life is a bit rocky, you have created some coping mechanisms like going out, dating, drinking, exercising a lot, working more etc?
To manifest the life of your dreams

This is your chance to be 

THE Man/

A man that is grounded in his masculine energy. He operates from his heart, and when in his head it is not through the eyes of his ego or trauma. He is The Man that allows others around him to feel safe to open up. His presence is electric and people can not get enough of him. He is conquering everything. His relationships, his job, his finances, his goals, his health, and his family. He is a man that is direct, discerning, kind, open, warm, protective, strong, bold, soft and in his leadership. Men want to be him and women want to be with him.


Whilst 80% of those in the personal development world are women, it doesn’t mean that men don’t have their own set of trauma, insecurities and struggles that also need to be healed

I know that you are desiring to be the man.

To be able to feel confident, secure and strong within yourself and for the women in your life.

I know that you are wanting to feel like a rock. And currently, you’re feeling less than this…

You’ve probably seen the way that I’m able to heal women’s traumas faster than the speed of light and you’re like “when is it my turn?”


Over these intimate, deep and transformational 7 weeks

You will be healing parts of you that you didn’t even know hurt, uncovering the deepest pain that is holding you back from being the man that I know you are so deeply wanting to be and stepping into the version of you that makes you proud when you look in the mirror.

We will be diving into…

  • Healing all of your inner child wounds so that you are no longer acting like a boy and instead be the grounded man that you desire to be. So you are not being held back by your triggers, insecurities or racing thoughts. 
  • Clearing your blocks around speaking what’s on your mind, insecurities in the bedroom, body and work. 
  • Finally feeling like you are well and truly enough for her, in the bedroom, in the boardroom and/or as a dad.
  • Embodied in being THE man, not mr nice guy and why this is important.
  • Leading her in the bedroom in a way that is going to blow her panties off.
  • Healing your inner masculine so that you can be the man to get her out of her masculine and into her feminine so that she is leaning on you for support, no longer emasculating you and receiving all of your masculinity.
  • Understanding women and how to be in relationships with them so that they are being pleased emotionally, as well as you. 
  • NAILING your communication so that you are dating high-quality woman and so that your woman is always staying open, receptive and warm to you (no more snarky comments, silent treatments of explosions of everything wrong you’ve done in the last year).
  • Expanding your nervous system so that you can be the best man at work, at home and in the gym. You will be able to do EVERYTHING that you want to do and never feel like anything or anyone is ‘too much’ – this will be great for dads too.
And I know this will seem scary and like a crazy, possibly illogical leap and investment…
Put aside your ego and ask, what do you want even if it's a bit scary?


THE MAN is for the man that wants to

  • Use your voice powerfully in board meetings.
  • Draw boundaries with people and say ‘NO’ instead of always being a ‘yes man’.
  • Stop self-sabotaging amazing connections and relationships because the emotions are overwhelming for you.
  • Understand women instead of feeling confused by them time and time again.
  • Finally, work on your shit so that you can stop repeating the same patterns over and over again… because it’s BORING!
  • Be proud of yourself every day and feel like you are enough for your romantic relationship, work and family.
  • Feel like communicating your feelings and hopes are easy.
  • Be able to understand, connect with and please your woman in a way most other men can’t 😉
  • Be a rock for your woman where she comes to receive all your safe protective, masculine energy.
  • Have direction in what you want to achieve and work towards in your life, from a place of soul, rather than societal expectation.
  • Be SO god damn happy that you wondered why it took you this long to do this work.
It's just 7 weeks to change your life

Just an FYI, 90% of men will wait to do this work until they hit rock bottom, their relationship falls apart, they lose their job or they have a massive health scare…

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What to look forward to

  • You will no longer need to feel shame or guilt for wanting to take the lead and be in control in your relationship.
  • You will not longer feel a ball in your throat when you try to speak your truth, draw a boundary, or try to ask for what you want in the bedroom.
  • You will no longer feel an emptiness inside, but rather a sense of ‘coming home’, peace and flow inside your body that makes life easy, productive, and like you are accomplishing everything you’ve wanted to.
  • You will finally understand what is going on in her brain so that you can be the best lover, dad and partner to her. This will also be helpful for those that have working relationships with women.
  • FINALLY, you’ll be free of all those little things that set you off, trigger your body, and/or get you into a spiral. Your anxiety, worries and things that keep you up at night will be long gone.

Let’s not wait until we hit rock bottom. Let’s act now, shall we? Why wait for things to get worse when you could just make them better.

watch the video
Gentlemen… think of this 7-week journey as the men’s version of Queen Alchemy.

You’ve seen the testimonials, you’ve heard the stories and now it’s your time to be one of the screenshots that land on my website.

 It’s your turn to finally be free of the shit in your head that is holding you back from being the man that you want to be.

 This isn’t about talking about your feelings for 7 weeks. No no. This is about healing trauma that is held somatically. Your body is the keeper of your trauma, which is why it can feel easy to shove it down and mute it out with sports, exercise, drugs, alcohol, dating for YEARS until you are finally faced with it and decide “NO MORE”.

 I’m so happy that you’ve landed on my page because over the past 2 years of taking on male clients, I can confidently say that I’m here to get you mind-blowing, life-changing, body exploding results.

Society can heavily affect your motivation towards doing ‘the work’. It’s almost considered ‘taboo’ to be masculine in today’s society. If you want to become powerful, effective men, you need to let go of our culture’s weird ideas about manhood, your masculinity, learn to be comfortable in your skin, and take pride in who and what you are. 

5 reprogramming tracks to train your mind and body to be THE MAN.

7x 90 minute LIVE calls each week with me.

1 x 1:1 session so that I can do trauma release with you and your specific trauma.

A Telegram group so that you can ask questions and I can give you fast, in-depth responses, as well as sharing your wins to inspire other men

Lifetime access to the 7 group calls and your 1:1.

A list of books and podcasts to start your journey and open your mind.

A brief outline of the program:


Understanding trauma, healing your childhood trauma, clearing mother/father wounds on a somatic level, healing negative beliefs that you have about yourself, training your body to feel safe to speak up and expressing yourself.


Healing more beliefs and perceptions that you hold towards yourself, understanding feminine/masculine energy and how to embody it, feeling your inner masculine and clearing beliefs of it not being ‘safe’ to embody, the principles of masculine embodiment, training your body to tap into feelings


Clear shame and trauma around shame, learning/understanding/embodying healing boundaries and how they will support your relationships and growth in your masculinity, clearing rejection wounds/trauma


Breathwork to release hidden and stuck trauma in the body, Q+A on anything and everything so far


Learning about women, the differences that men and women have and how to support your woman as The Man. You will learn tips and tricks to be using in your communication, intimacy, and understanding her cycle so that you can feel like you are supporting her and knowing what to expect at different phases of the month. You will also learn how to provide for her in other ways than money.


Healing your relationship with money, understanding how to have an ‘abundant mindset’ whilst also still being the logical man that you are. You’ll also learn a bit about manifestation and the law of attraction so that you can use it as a support tool to have more success, create more wealth and build the life of your dreams. It will be a practical guide to manifestation (so your masculine brain can understand it)


We will be wrapping up the trauma healing with any lose ends that the particular group needs. Plus sharing an exciting breathing technique for you to use in the bedroom to help you last longer *and* use your sexual energy during the day to get more done and be more productive. You will train your body to be able to simply ‘respond’ instead of getting reactive and you’ll condense your ‘toolbox’ so that you have that going forward from the 7 weeks.



Love from previous rounds...