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The 2023 Program Cal

The 2023 Program Cal

Wondering what's coming up this year? 

Here's the 2023 breakdown including waitlists! If the program you need is currently not open make sure you get on the waitlist to be the first informed, and who knows, there might even be a discount for the waitlist (not an opportunity you'd want to miss)



Jan. 9th - 31st: Embodiment of Dating No. 2

Jan. 1st - May 31st: Australia 3-Day Immersion

Until Jan 31st: NYE Bundle

Jan. 30th - Feb. 27th: Queen Alchemy #11

March 8th - 31st: HER (New *Live* Program)



April 13th - May 3rd: Healing Your Skin + Gut 

Until May 31st: Australia 3-Day Immersion

June 12th - July 4th: 'The One' Masterclass



Until July 4th: 'The One' Masterclass

July 10th - August 5th: Men & Money Bundle

Aug. 13th - Sep. 2nd: Queen Alchemy #12

September: Keep an eye out for details for the next event!



I plan to publish my book in the Fall of 2023. Publishing a book is a massive project on its own, and for this reason, I have reduced my calendar during this time. My advice is, don't wait until late in the year to jump on the programs you need!

The following programs are always running - you can join anytime:



If you have any questions about which program would be the best fit for you, send us an email at sharing your struggles (there is no such thing as 'over-sharing' feel free to give all the details) and we will guide you in the right direction!