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Why we self sabotage our growth

Why we self sabotage our growth

Keep this blog post handy for whenever you're doing something NEW

Whenever you are doing something new, or you're thinking about doing something new, your brain is wired to run the other direction. Remember that anything that is outside your comfort zone; you haven't done before. So your brain and body has no proof that it is safe.


We are wired as humans to run away from things that we don't have a guarantee of safety in because in the caveman days going into a forest that we haven't been to before very well might result in a predator that we don't know how to fight off. 

I know it's hard to believe but our brains haven't changed. We would not run towards something that could be dangerous because the chance of death was a very real thing. Now...the 'death' response comes when we haven't posted an Instagram post at the right time.


If we haven't crossed into the "unknown territory" before, our brains must assume the worst as we are just trying to protect ourselves and our life.

So let's translate this into things in your life that you are thinking about doing, new things that you have in your life, and/or new edges or new opportunities or changes that are coming up in your life...


If you are scared shitless or if you notice that you're self-sabotaging (like not replying to the emails, not paying the invoices, not setting up meetings, not talking to the team members that you need to talk about with things to collaborate to make that next step) start to call yourself out. 

You're not 'forgetting' to do the journalling, email replies and payment ... no no honey.

You did see it, but you were avoiding it. 


MAYBEEE you thought it was your intuition (no your intuition "making you not do something" shows up COMPLETELY differently to self sabotage.

When you are avoiding something, or avoiding're self sabotaging because this next level feels 'unsafe' to your body. 

So, start to notice how you're holding yourself back and catch yourself before you go deep into it. Hold yourself in this moment, and remind yourself that you are safe, and you are ready to take a step towards becoming your dream self. Discomfort is normal, and you've got your own back ;) 

xx Monica 


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