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Breaking down the fear of holding money

Breaking down the fear of holding money

Ever felt like as soon as you get money into your account it just vanishes? 

Okay, buckle up. 


Let's say, for example that you grew up in a situation where money felt really unsafe. Maybe money caused a lot of fights in your family or you felt that money cause people to be mean to you. As a result, you're scared of money. You're scared of holding it because subconsciously your body feels like "if I have money, it's going to cause issues, it's going to cause fights, it's going to cause me pain." 

So thus as soon as money comes in the door, you subconsciously spend it habitually without even realizing it because to your body, holding money = feeling pain.


Let's say for another example ... you didn't grow up with a lot of money in your childhood (FYI, you can feel like money was scarce, even if it actually wasn't.) It can cause you to feel unsafe to hold money because you’ve never experienced holding it before. You never felt like you had enough, so your nervous system is used to having less then. As a result, now it feels unsafe and/or abnormal to have a lot of money.


Our brains and bodies always want to feel like things are the same and predictable because it gives us a sense of safety. So if you are used to barely having enough, and then you get an influx of money ... your body won’t feel safe —> you’ll spend it —> and now your body feels normal again (with not enough).


Make sense? 


So here’s the key thing — start to create a feeling of safety in your body as you welcome more money into your bank account and life.


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