Your Perfect Period Program

Mother Nature didn’t intend for your period to be horrible. You aren’t meant to be in physical, mental, or emotional pain each month.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar…

  • You’ve got your period for the first time, and you and all your friends complain about it. You hate getting it.
  • You are told all the cramps, bloating, and mood swings are ‘norma.l’
  • You get sick of having to deal with it, so your doctor tells you to go on the pill to ‘regulate’ your cycle and that you can skip it when you want to; #winning!
  • Most of the time, you hate being a woman. Men have it so easy, don’t they?
  • Now, you’ve either realized the negative impact the pill has on you, you don’t want to go on the pill, or you are struggling after coming off the pill.
  • Sounds about right?
  • Truth is, you have the power to love your period. 
  • You have the right to love being a woman.
  • You have the right NOT to be in discomfort each month.
  • And you sure as hell have the right to learn about your cycle and body.
  • So, do you want to join me to understand your period problems and fix them? You have the power to change your cycle for the better… or leave it as is…
Want To Finally Fix Your Period?

It is a juicy and exciting transmission for women who are ready to take ownership of their divine cycle and hold space for the beauty of what’s about to unfold…

We live in a society where it is considered ‘normal’ to have PMS, bloating, and moodiness.

What if we made having a period fun again? (sounds dreamy, hey?)

So, enter


I created The Feminine CEO (formerly “BABA:) at the start of 2019 when I had an epiphany when walking home from Bondi Junction one day (when I was living in Sydney), that the reason why people are struggling in their business is that they haven’t done the inner work first, they are operating all from their ego (head) and not from a place that feels in alignment. We are all bad bitches and we are here to be the high flying #girlboss (cue sexy as fuck office)… AND we also want the hot husband, out of body orgasms and days tanning by the beach and Christmas in Aspen. IMAGINE...


  • A successful business where you can choose your own hours, take holidays when you wants, live an abundant lifestyle and love every day.
  • Manifesting and receiving everything you want in life, not just in your business
  • Working from Europe for 3 weeks, just because!
  • Being a client attractor and having a constant flow, so that you’re not stressing about money or worrying about having ‘enough’ clients.
  • Being so fucking embodied in your work that you just BEAMS integrity and is a magnet as a result
  • Being so fucking embodied in your work that you just BEAMS integrity and is a magnet as a result
  • Having all the confidence so you can sit in your authentic power as a feminine leader
  • Being inflow, whilst seeing incredible results in your business and your life
  • The freedom of letting go of the ‘push push push’ mentality because it’s FUCKING EXHAUSTING
  • Releasing the trauma from your body to clear herself so you can attract and receive
  • Reprogramming your mindset and boosting your strategy around sales in a way that FEELS good and doesn’t feel like manipulation or “dirty-sales”
  • Knowing your true value and worth so that you can really deliver and sell your services authentically and in a powerful way
  • Having kick up the ass and a coach who is nurturing when needed, and calls you out on your shit 😉 aka, Moi!

If you want to MASTER the feminine flow, and masculine container in your business so things feel effortless and delicious for the REST of your business life, then this is for you. If you want to be in Monica’s fire-y, magnetic and luxury energy, then this is for you. IF YOU WANT TO CREATE A DREAM COACHING/SERVICES BUSINESS THEN THIS IS FOR YOU.

If you want to step into UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE, then this is for you.
I'm IN!!!

What have you been putting off or missing out on because you felt too bloated, moody, or tired to say YES? In Your Perfect Period Program, you’ll eliminate these shitty symptoms and return to feeling hot, sexy, and vital! Your Perfect Period is your blueprint for learning the ropes of reading your monthly report card and fixing it FOR LIFE. Maybe you’re wondering, “Do I really need this?” Maybe you’re wondering if investing in your health is really worth it. My material and approach to learning aren’t found elsewhere, and I will ensure that you get the support needed to reach vitality.

Fix your period for good.

The average woman has about 450 periods in her life – that’s 450 chances to benefit from your period or 450 chances to suffer. Now is the time to ensure you get the spiritual and emotional benefits of every sacred bleed. You’ll be able to share what you learn with your daughters, friends, and family.

 Be one of the few women who learn to…

  • Read her monthly report card and self-diagnose what her period is telling her.
  • Understand her cycle and connect back to her body.
  • Uncover the ROOT cause of her period problems so that her cramps, sore boobs, and headaches are gone FOREVER.
  • Get rid of the fluctuating cycles, clotting, and constipation.
  • Say goodbye to your ridiculous moods, debilitating migraines, and lower back pain.
  • Know her body’s signs and signals so she can adjust her diet and supplements when needed in the future to support her hormones.
  • Not dread that date in the calendar, but instead, look forward to the first day of your cycle.
  • Have healthy ovulation so you know when to avoid pregnancy and when to try for a baby.
  • Know that her hormones are in tip-top shape to also avoid a terrible transition into menopause.

Let’s all have perfect periods, shall we? By joining Your Perfect Period, you will get lifetime access. This means you will get included access to all new content (regardless of future price increases). They say knowledge is power. But it’s not really if you don’t do anything with it. This course will bring you actionable steps, and I’ll be holding you accountable so you will learn about your period for life, and your future daughter will be well informed 😉


What’s included:

  • 3 pre-recorded 2-hour calls going through everything you need to know for that month’s content.
  • Forever access to Your Perfect Period (including future updates).
  • A full understanding of what your hormones are doing right now and having actionable steps to fix them for good.
  • Your period problems will be GONE or on their way to being MIA forever.
  • Future action plans for when you have been drinking a bit too much, it’s the holidays, or anything else that can throw off your hormones a bit.


F*ck it, I'm in!

Here's some insane cycle wins...