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Boundaries Masterclass

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Boundaries are not the easiest thing to draw. You might know your boundaries, but can you live them out? 

In this 2-part program, I teach you EVERYTHING you need to know

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Do you relate? 

  • You find yourself getting resentful towards other people, situations and/or yourself 
  • You blow up in an argument and everything that's been bottled up for the last 3 months finally comes out 
  • You get really worried of being rejected by speaking up for what you need
  • You don't know how to say 'no' to someone
  • You struggle to know how to speak up without being labelled a bitch
  • You know your boundaries, but you have no clue on how to actually live them out 
  • You often find yourself pleasing others at the sake of yourself
  • You've grown up in situations where speaking up is looked down upon 
#boundariesbitch (part 1)

In This Masterclass I Cover:

  • How to draw a boundary
  • Examples of what to say
  • Feeling calm as you draw a boundary
  • When to draw a boundary/when not to
  • The embodiment of boundaries
  • Setting boundaries at family events

Boundaries Masterclass: Part 2 (Q+A)

In This Masterclass:

  • A 90 minute juicy Q+A
  • I answer all your questions on boundaries and give resolutions to the situations that you’re struggling with
  • Expect to leave this class knowing exactly how to draw a boundary

Please note:

  • This is a RECORDING of the masterclass I hosted in January, so you are no longer able to submit questions. The questions I answer were juicy, so chances are if you have a question, it’s been answered here!
Part 2 Q+A Covers Everything From Family, Finances, Different Opinions, COVID And Vaccinations, Money, Career Choices, Dating, Relationships, Friendships, Weddings And Mother-In-Laws. Questions Include:
  • How can you tell when you are being too rigid or too lenient with your boundaries?
  • What if you change your mind on a boundary?
  • What happens when you draw a boundary that puts them in a tricky situation, but the boundary is necessary for your own wellbeing?
  • What if you originally said yes to catch up and now you don’t want to?
  • I’ve read before that boundaries are not about controlling the other person, it’s more about how you’re going to conduct yourself and what you’re not available for – do you agree with that?
  • How to set boundaries with a coach who changes call times last minute, is always late and doesn’t fulfil promises?
  • When it comes to dating, is it ok to put up a boundary out of fear?
  • What if you’re setting boundaries with someone who has no regard for it? For example, for someone who insists their always right and knows everything.
  • How to set boundaries with clients who communicate outside of sessions when they need to schedule another session instead.
  • How important is it to let people know where you stand? Can you just ignore things and let the relationship fall away?
  • How do you set boundaries with friends/ family/ colleagues about your stance on vaccinations?
  • How do you draw boundaries that express your feelings and needs, whilst being clear that someone is behaving in a disrespectful way?
#boundariesbitch (part 2)
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