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What if creating the business and life of your dreams got to be the most delicious, juicy, and orgasmic thing you do every day?

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we need to...

James Bond Covid-Bulletproof

Your Biz Baby!


  • Are you a woman that is wanting to step up as a successful business owner?
  • You’ve done the degree or certificate but you are stuck as fuck with what to do next?
  • Or maybe you’ve tried and tried and tried and you’re about to have a mental breakdown because you don’t know how the fuck to have a successful fully booked business?
  • Are you dreaming of your future life but you don’t even know how to do the ‘inspired action’ part?
  • Do you feel like you’re hustling instead of FLOWINGGGGGG? So you feel stressed, bogged down and everything feels HARD. When you wanna be soft, feminine and in-flow? With a touch of fierce, sex and sass of course!
  • Do you want to be able to tap out of your masculine work day and into your feminine when you get home to your man?
  • Do you have money blocks? Because if you do, this is going to stop you in sales!
  • Are you struggling to fully step into your confidence which is ultimately slowing you down in business?
  • Are you struggling to manifest the things you desire?
  • Does your inner bitch often get pretty fucking loud in your head and it stops you in business?
  • Do you know who your ideal client is but have no idea how to attract them to your work?
  • Do you know the transformation you want to help your client experience, however you don’t know how to actually deliver it in a powerful way?
  • Do you not know how to best price your offerings?
  • Do you get engagement from your content but don’t know how to invite them to a discovery call without sounding “sales-y”?
  • Are you able to get them into the discovery call but you can’t seem to turn them into paying clients?
  • Do you know what content to create but you are still not able to FULLY 100% stand in your power online?
  • Do you struggle to protect your energy and so you often burn out?
  • Do you feel as though you sometimes hold back when you are with clients because you are afraid of stepping into your power or you are triggered a bit?
  • Do you feel as though you get clients to the discovery call, but then can’t book them?
Well babe, you've come to the perfect place.
What If Creating The Business And Life Of Your Dreams Got To Be The Most Delicious, Juicy And Orgasmic Thing You Do Every Day?


What is the fucking point of having a successful business if you are having shit sex, you aren’t seeing your friends, you’re stressed more often than not and you are on the verge of burn out?


We are doing this all from a place of flow, feminine energy, pleasure, and the heart space. Oh, and a bit of fire, sass, and spice - because it’s me 😉

 Women are exhausted with the idea that in order to be successful you have to kill yourself while doing so. I tried that, and it didn’t get me far. I’m all about using our SUPERPOWERS as women to have the SAME amount of success as men, but in our own magical way.

So, enter


I created The Feminine CEO (formerly BABA) at the start of 2019 when I had an epiphany. I was living in Sydney and walking home from Bondi Beach when it hit me: the reason people are struggling in their business is because they haven’t done the inner work first. They are operating all from their ego (head), and not from a place that feels in alignment.

We are all bad bitches and we are here to be the high-flying #girlboss (cue having a sexy as fuck office)... AND, we also want the hot husband, out of body orgasms, days tanning by the beach, and Christmas in Aspen.


  • A successful business where you can choose your own hours, take holidays when you wants, live an abundant lifestyle and love every day.
  • Manifesting and receiving everything you want in life, not just in your business
  • Working from Europe for 3 weeks, just because!
  • Being a client attractor and having a constant flow, so that you’re not stressing about money or worrying about having ‘enough’ clients.
  • Being so fucking embodied in your work that you just BEAMS integrity and is a magnet as a result
  • Being so fucking embodied in your work that you just BEAMS integrity and is a magnet as a result
  • Having all the confidence so you can sit in your authentic power as a feminine leader
  • Being inflow, whilst seeing incredible results in your business and your life
  • The freedom of letting go of the ‘push push push’ mentality because it’s FUCKING EXHAUSTING
  • Releasing the trauma from your body to clear herself so you can attract and receive
  • Reprogramming your mindset and boosting your strategy around sales in a way that FEELS good and doesn’t feel like manipulation or “dirty-sales”
  • Knowing your true value and worth so that you can really deliver and sell your services authentically and in a powerful way
  • Having kick up the ass and a coach who is nurturing when needed, and calls you out on your shit 😉 aka, Moi!

If you want to MASTER the feminine flow, and masculine container in your business so things feel effortless and delicious for the REST of your business life, then this is for you.

If you want to be in Monica’s fire, as well asher magnetic and luxury energy, then this is for you.

If you want to Create a DREAM COACHING/SERVICES BUSINESS and step into UNSHAKEABLE CONFIDENCE, then this is for you.
I'm IN!!

I’m not here to tell you:

  • You can make 100K in 3 days
  • That everyone can be successful
  • That you just need the right strategy
  • because that’s a load of bull shit
  • That growing your business is easy

I’m here to tell you:

  • That you need to be willing to do what it takes to succeed
  • That you need to heal and relearn how we’ve been taught to achieve success
  • That quickly growing a business doesn’t mean it’s sustainable
  • because that’s a load of bull shit
  • That growing your business is easy
You have a choice… you can stay exactly where you are, or take this calling seriously and build an incredible life from it.

01. Clear all the blocks that you didn’t even realise were holding you back in your business so that you can be the most magnetic #girlboss

02. Feel confident in your offerings and learn how to show up from a place of unwavering value and impact so that you can have your DM’s blowing up

03. Get hands-on, personalized help with the use of your 1:1 time with Monica so that you can grow your business in a feminine way that feels good and nourishes your soul

04. Get access to a tonne of binge-worthy content about marketing, Instagram and how to have your offerings sold out and DM’s blowing up!

05. Embody what it means and looks like to be a feminine business-women where making money is easy, pleasure is your priority and your clients are waiting at the doorstep

What you'll learn...

Soul Fucking Alignment

Mindset work, childhood wound healing, parent wound helaing, clearning energetic blocks, energetic upgrade so you can thrive in business

Life + Biz Upgrade

Because how you do life is how- you do business. We will clear the blocks in your life so that your business is thriving & easy! Optimizing your methodology to make sure your clients get the transformation that you can provide. 

Massive Impact & High Value

Creating a strong model and foundation for yourself* and your business, SO you can continue to have 5-figure months and create the most IMPACT in a powerful way. 

Femine Flow

Creating the structure to hold your business. so that you can work front intuitive guidance and tap into your magical feminine flow that makes business so damn juicy and easy. Tapping into my feminine is honestly what got me to where I ant today. 

Soul Sales

Understanding how to sell with ease and flow. Where people ask to work with you instead of you trying to sell them into it. You will learn how to conduct transformational sales by being authentic and empowering for your clients. 

I’ve done my business from the masculine, anddddd I made about 20K in 2018 in my biz (was pushing like no ones biz), versus 700k+ in 2019 (all in fem flow) and now in 2020 we’ve hit a 1 million dollar brand (still in the feminine flow), and 2021 set to be even bigger


It’s a combo of: BTS energy work My fire and having a masculine container for my biz to thrive in DEEP levels of confidence and self-value Understanding how to run a business Doing sales from a heart space The spiritual practices Doing things that FEEL good and not that I ‘should’ do PLEASURE BABYYYYY And enjoying my life OUTSIDE of your business

PS. I’m not the coach that says ‘oh I work 4 hours a week and make a million dollars” and I’m not going to say that to you either. Not because it’s not possible, but because I DO enjoy working, I just don’t want to be stressed out all the time like I used to be and saying no to friends because I should be working. I’m really going to be helping you to make a business from a feminine place and in a way that is feminine, WITH masculine strategies, concepts, and tools so that you can scale, grow and have a sustainable business. This integration between the feminine and the masculine, in a way that won’t burn you out, is what makes me different from other coaches. Plus, not many other coaches, will ask you to bring strawberries and chocolate to a live zoom call… So if your pussy is saying ‘YES!’, I hope I get to see you soon 😉



  • 71 pre-recorded videos with all the energy from Monica’s travels around the world. These can be watches AS SOON as you enroll!
  • A private Telegram group for you to ask Monica questions, get her feedback and have the amazing soul-sister support that we are all craving!
  • ACCESS FOR LIFE to the portal. This means that any extra videos I add in future rounds (which will 100% happen, you guys will get them for no extra cost)
  • Deeper levels of healing and trauma work so that you are really in alignment and NOTHING, I repeat NOTHING is holding you back

1:1 Session with Monica + Business Audit

  • 45 min 1:1 session to answer all your business questions and to give you personalised advice based on your struggles & goals.  
  • Business Audit: Monica will record a personalized 15-30 min loom video providing insight and feedback on your socials, sales pages, and website



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