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If you want intimacy then DON'T bring this home

If you want intimacy then DON'T bring this home
I thought it was about time I did a blog post on the feminine energy as I talk about it so much with my clients, and have done so much work on myself with the feminine energy. The modern world is predominantly masculine dominated and as a result, women have become much more masculine in the workplace, bedroom and at home. Now I’m not saying that this is a bad thing, but if a man is trying to be masculine and a woman is also always in her masculine, there isn’t the opportunity for polarity which is vital in a sexual relationship. I did an Instagram story about this last week and got a few messages of hate saying that I was alluding that women couldn’t be CEO’s and had to be sheep. Ummmmm....that was NOT what I was saying at all. In fact the opposite. I want my business to take off into a massive corporation and to be running the show! What I was instead saying, is that imagine if in the workplace, men and women were able to honour the differences and how much more productive and beautiful it would be. When women honour their feminine, we are much more intuitive and in flow. And if we used this in the workplace, imagine how much more productive we could be and we would actually be allowing ourselves to honour our own divine nature instead of just looking at stats to make decisions and pushing, pushing, pushing. (I probs need to put a disclaimer here that women are allowed to be in the masculine of course, but it’s just that we are normally in that space out of FEAR and then bring it home and into the bedroom which can depolarize a relationship if the man is in his masculine too). Many women bring their masculine energy home with them and as a result a man is less attracted because he doesn’t feel her feminine energy, which he craves. This isn’t to say that you can’t ever be in the masculine (for example if you’re both planning out your week together, that is the masculine)...just be aware of the effect that your energy can have on your relationship. If we want our relationships to work, we need to outline what it is that makes our emotional and sexual intimacy unique. What sort of love do I want from my partner? How do I want my partner to touch me? We also need to make the conscious effort to step more into the feminine so that our partner can be the masculine one in the relationship (if this is the dynamic that you both want). The best ways to do this include:
  • Dancing before he gets home
  • 5 mins of heart and hip opening yoga
  • Quickly shower and put on something feminine to wash off the energy from the day
  • Soften and slow down your thoughts
  • Greet him when he gets home! (men like to know that they are wanted and welcomed into their own home!)
So this isn’t a blog post to say that either the feminine or masculine is bad. This is simply something that my clients have been working on lately and see INCREIDBLE results within their relationship when they actually stepped more into the feminine (which is SO powerful, like hello we give life!), allowing their man to step into his true masculine. When a woman is in her masculine energy she will make the same choice as a man; freedom over love.