Symptoms → Solutions!

Symptoms → Solutions!

Hi friend! 

I'm so happy you are here because I can tell that you are wanting to figure out which program is the best for you that you can get the results that you deserve and that are possible! 


Below, you will find a extensive list of different symptoms that you can scan through and whatever sticks out to you make a note of the program recommended. Obviously the more symptoms that you relate to the more likely it is that you will need some one-on-one support in order to get the best result possible. If you are unsure of what's best for you, please just reach out. 


Unexplained physical ailments like a sore right knee  → 1:1, Queen Alchemy

Thyroid issues→ 1:1, Queen Alchemy, Immersion

Inability to lose weight / holding onto excess weight → QA and MC about clearing energetic bloating

IBS and other gut issues → QA and MC about clearing energetic bloating

Birth trauma → Mini 1:1

Fibroids, PCOS, unexplained infertility, Endo, and any other hormonal issues → QA with an added 1:1 and YPP

Money mindset/releasing scarcity around money→ MMM1, Immersion

Reduce burnout and embrace feminine leadership → HER

Not having money be a source of turmoil in your relationship → Feminine female breadwinner masterclass

Missing period (and you've tried "everything") → Queen Alchemy 

Unable to fall pregnant → QA and/or 1:1 

Be better with boundaries→ Boundaries Masterclass, Immersion 

If you are constantly seeking validation from men→ QA,1:1, Immersion

You have a bad mindset about dating and Men→ BLNM

You keep going for the wrong guy when dating, or you feel like dating is a dead end for you → EOD

Do you have low self-confidence and or low self-worth → QA, Immersion

Your man isn't leading like he used to you and you're feeling blah in the relationship→ EOD and BLNM

You struggle to be in your feminine in dating and relationships → EOD, BLNM, QA

Procrastination and/or perfectionism → QA, Immersion or 1:1

Painful sex→ QA or 1:1

Eating disorders, either now or in the past, and/or struggling with your relationship to food→ QA or 1:1

Healing from all kinds of sexual drama→ QA, Immersion or 1:1

Emotional abuse and/or emotionally unavailable parents → QA, Immersion or 1:1

Skin issues, like acne, psoriasis, eczema→ QA / 1:1 and/or Skin Healing Masterclass

Acne → QA / 1:1 and/or Skin Healing Masterclass

Jaw problems → QA / 1:1

Panic attacks → QA / 1:1

Trauma → QA, Immersion, 1:1

Struggling to speak my truth → Boundaries Masterclass, Immersion and QA

Can’t have orgasms → QA / 1:1

Scarcity with money → MMM1, Immersion and MMM2

Hitting ceilings with manifestation → MMM2, Immersion

Can’t feel confident around men → BLNM

Mothering too much to my man → BLNM

Low libido → QA, Immersion / 1:1

Insomnia → 1:1

Severe period pain → Your Perfect Period / Mini 1:1 package

Constant bloating → QA / 1:1 or Masterclass on healing energetic bloat

Weight gain → QA / 1:1

Headaches → QA, Immersion / 1:1

High cortisol / high stress → QA, Immersion / 1:1

Severe Mood swings → QA / 1:1

Chronic Fatigue → QA, Immersion / 1:1

Concentration issues → QA / 1:1

Binge eating → QA, Immersion / 1:1

Sore lower back → MMM1, QA, Immersion or Mini 1:1 package

Trying to get my period back post hormonal birth control → Art of HBC


For all the programs mentioned, go here: 

If you are not sure what is the right program for you or what order to do the programs and please just email and Olivia will be able to guide you on what's best with Monica's recommendations on your case. 

Please include in this email everything that you are struggle with and want to heal/work on. The more detail the better!