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What's Really Causing the Increase in Burnout and Mental Load in Women?

What's Really Causing the Increase in Burnout and Mental Load in Women?

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You're going about your day, and as you're taking care of one task, you're thinking about three others, reminding yourself constantly of all the things you have not yet crossed off your list, which feels like it is never-ending... And because you are juggling so much, whether it be a career, motherhood, partnership, family, intimacy, household, health, planning, organizing - who am I kidding? For most of us, it's (nearly) all of the above, am I right?

It's almost dizzying this spiral of infinite roles we as women play, and on the one side, we're so great at it because we can multitask like no one's business. However, on the other side, it's exhausting and can feel like you can never catch a break.

Answer me this question honestly: Have you thought to yourself, "I can't handle this [much longer]," and if so, how often?

Friend, if you've thought this to yourself even ONCE, that's one time too many.

We, females, are hardwired to want to conquer the world, yet we are not biologically built to do in without the right support.

So where does that leave us in today's modern society?

It leaves us getting f*cking resourceful and figuring out systems and balances that work for us. I'm talking about individualized support from you for you. Most of us don't have a village of support like women had back in the tribal days.

YOU are the village.

Let's take a step back, though, while that may sound empowering AF - and if you felt empowered by it, LISTEN closely... That part of you that felt empowered by that statement is the very part of you that has been hardwired to think that you have to do more to be more successful. And I am here to drill it into your mind that that is simply not true.

Your value is not based on how much you accomplish, or how hard you work, or how exhausted you are.

It is time to learn how to relieve that pressure we've inherently learned to put on ourselves and understand how to execute differently to lead from the feminine, meaning you get to have it all with NO burnout.

Sounds pretty great, hey? I just want to give you the nudge that it is possible for you and for every other woman reading this.

If you're feeling SEEN after reading this, then go listen to this week's podcast episode, because I promise you, you're going to get SO much out of it: 296: What's really causing the increase in burnout and women's mental load? (Men, listen to this, too).


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