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How to stay magnetic through motherhood and postpartum

How to stay magnetic through motherhood and postpartum

It's no secret that women often feel depleted after having a child. You are creating another being inside your womb space, giving it life, breathing for it, nourishing it from the inside out, only for it to come earthside and suck you dry (literally).

Don't get me wrong. I'm in no way saying that giving birth and becoming a mother is not one of the most magical experiences possible. It truly is a miracle. However, we cannot ignore the difficulties of the maiden-to-mother journey. From working with so many clients who are mothers, I know just how unprepared many women are for what their bodies endure during this period. And what the body bears, the soul carries. You cannot separate the one from the other.

If you're not prepared for the inevitable depletion of nutrients and life energy you are about to pass on to your baby, you can expect to feel like you have next to nothing left during postpartum. And bouncing back from that can be trying and takes time. But what if there were things you could do to prepare and minimize that rebound?

Well, friend, you're in the right place.

This preparation begins long before child planning or childbearing. If you're already pregnant, or have already given birth, that's okay! Keep reading; you'll learn a ton and can still implement at any time (there's no such thing as too late).

For example, I want to have kids within 3-5 years. I am setting myself up now so that my business and career can still thrive once I fall pregnant and long after while little ones are running around. What does this look like? Careful planning (like planning way ahead) and, most importantly, delegating. I don't need to be doing everything in my business anymore. I have a dream team to support me. I am setting up systems that can run on auto-pilot, so in a few years, I don't need to be physically present every hour of the day. If I can plan ahead and my team can execute, I can minimize the need for time-sensitive tasks.

You may not be a CEO like me, though. Perhaps you're not running a business, so how does this translate to your life? Well, simple. It all comes down to organizing the systems and support you need, regardless of how that translates into your life. What areas of your life do you know you would need support in when you have kids? How can you get resourceful to build that support over the next few years if you know you would like to have children in that time frame? Do not be afraid to reach out to fellow parents for advice near you. There are so many resources available. Don't make the mistake of thinking you are alone on this journey.

Okay, let's fast forward to pregnancy and postpartum. I'm going to tackle this from two sides: nutrition and magnetism. They go hand in hand, though. If you don't ensure you're getting enough nutrients, your life energy will be drained, and you will not feel magnetic, sensual, or sexy in any way because you'll have nothing left to give.

When I say you need to overflow with nutrients for your baby, I mean OVERFLOW. From that point onwards, when you decide to start trying, I'm talking about all the recommended supplements and nutrients to ensure you overflow with health so that there is a plethora to support you AND your baby. So that in case you get nauseous from morning sickness, you won't worry that you won't have enough nutrients in your system because you prepared yourself for this. So that when you hit postpartum and are breastfeeding, your baby doesn't rob you of your last energy because you've been preparing for this. And lastly, if you want to continue to feel magnetic through pregnancy, postpartum, and motherhood - how are you implementing these habits into your life as a weekly ritual? I guarantee you that if you're not practicing sensuality proactively on a regular basis now, you're not going to prioritize it once the baby comes. It needs to become a habit and be integrated into your life to sustain it throughout becoming a mother.

I know this topic is extensive, and there's so much more that could be said, but if you have any questions, feel free to email me at support@monicayateshealth.com, and I'll help you the best I can or guide you to the most suitable resources. In the meantime, the podcast is your best resource.