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Trauma bonding and how Disney has f****d our dating mindset

Trauma bonding and how Disney has f****d our dating mindset

This is one FIRE episode that I've recorded for you guys diving into all things trauma bonding in relationships. I answered some amazing questions that you guys left me as well as going into how Disney and the media has f****d our idea of a healthy relationship.


I cover:

  • What is trauma bonding
  • How Disney has completely F****D out idea of relationships
  • How to recognize trauma bonding
  • Why you need to change your nervous system to attract in something different
  • How 'boring' relationships are not actually boring
  • Soulmates/Twin flames
  • Whether you should work on your trauma with your partner
  • The difference between a trauma bonded relationship VS someone that just triggers you to heal your shit
  • Why we are attracted to these people we have trauma bonds with

As mentioned, if you want to heal your trauma and stop bonding over it, get your sexy ass into Queen Alchemy (for women) or work with me 1:1 (men or women).

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