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198: How sisterhood wounding can inhibit your growth

198: How sisterhood wounding can inhibit your growth

This is also an IG live, so if you want to watch the video version of this episode, click HERE.

If you want to listen to my previous sisterhood wounding rant I did in 2020, click HERE.

What is sisterhood wounding?

Sisterhood wounding is a wound women have around their friendships with other women. It's the backstabbing, bitchness, sly comments, nastiness, bullying that goes on in girl friendship groups. A lot of us will either have this, or have struggled with this wound in the past.


In episode 198, I chat about:

- My story with sisterhood wounding when I started my business

-Why sisterhood wounding affects us

- Some reassurance that you're not alone and how it's such a common struggle for my clients that are business owners

- Queen bee nature, competitiveness, safety and rejection

- Why biologically, women sometimes diminish their light (whether that be success, taken, beauty) so they fit in

- Truth bomb: women can be bitches and 'women supporting women' is BS because they are so fluffed with their trauma