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197: How masculine men actually make society safer, and feminine-men make it unsafe

197: How masculine men actually make society safer, and feminine-men make it unsafe


Today's episode is all about how as a woman you need to understand that if you want to feel safe, you need to feel safe around men. This is also a good episode for men to listening to, as a great permission slip to be in their grounded masculine.

In this episode I mention a survey which I've been conducting over the past couple of years. I'd love for you to share this with the men in your life to complete!

In this episode

☽ The MeToo movement, feminism and how the intention of these movements have shifted, been taken out of context and blown out of proportion, thus creating a manhunt which is causing the opposite of what we want.

☽ How biologically, men will make women feel safer

☽ How the answer to women feeling 'unsafe' is actually in MEN

☽ Understanding that as women we want to feel ravished, loved, cherished and wanted by men.

☽ How society has made men's good dominance to become an unhealthy, toxic, masculine trait when actually it the thing that makes women feel grounded and safe.

☽ Why biologically and energetically, the feminine wants to be devoured by the masculine.

☽ Why we need to give permission for men to be their masculine


Everyone tries to be so perfect that in the end it just creates all this avoidance, disconnect and separation between all of us.

Make sure you're in a relationship with a man that makes you feel like you are a queen, that you are being looked after and makes you feel adored and cherished.

The masculine wants to feel like he is leading, controlling,directing, devoted and the feminine, wants to feel taken care of, adored, cherished, loved and swept off our feet. this isn't a fantasy thing. This is an energetic thing.