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199: Energetic blueprints | Love, wealth & career

199: Energetic blueprints | Love, wealth & career


Hello friends and happy new year I cannot believe it's 2022, what the fuck? Anyway this is a really good concept, podcast, whatever, I'm excited for you guys to listen to it. Is also available on my IGTV if you want to watch the video version of it. I talk a lot about the energetics of money in this and the blueprint of money but I also want you to understand that you can swap this out for anything. You can swap it out for manifestations in general, career, success levels, love, friendships, whatever the situation is, you can swap it out for that, but it's still the same concept as like a base level.

Anyway, I also want to mention that we have announced the dates of the Q+A zoom call for the boundaries bitch masterclass. So if you want to come to that, the class is on the 13th of January. And there's an early bird price available until the 6th of Jan, then it goes up. So, there’s an early bird option for the masterclass, it's 1.5 hours and it’s USD$111 (then it goes up to USD$149) So this class is part one to the first class, so get the first class as well, so that you can understand all the concepts from that because I'm not going to answer questions that are answered in the first masterclass.

This Q+A is literally for you guys to bring your questions about boundaries, but more specifically to bring your questions about situations where you don't know how to say what you want to say. And you need me to articulate what it is that you would like to say. So you could come to the class, for example, and be like, I want to say to my friends stop being a fucking dick about X, Y, and Z and I'll say in a nicer way. So you can say it to me in a mean, blunt, whatever way that you want to say it. And then I will change it into a better way in which to draw a boundary. That's that class. I highly recommend that you come to that. And then there will be a recording available for you to buy the recording. There will be an increase in price from the live call, just like the masterclass part one, so you might as well get the live one. And then even if you don't come live, you can watch the recording. Otherwise, if you have listened to this and it has passed the date of the live, you have the recording that you can buy. And then you can also buy part one as well and listen to it in your own time.

Lastly, I'm going to say in the intro before we jump into the podcast is that if you haven't already done your “New Year's resolutions”, whatever the fuck you want to call them, your 2022 manifestations, goals, I have left some great resources on my Instagram for you to check out. So I've got a few posts that would be really good to look at, and then to do. Check it out HERE. Basically, it's about like a little exercise to do before the year ends. If you haven't done it yet, that's fine, do it now. It's a really good thing to do because a lot of us don't remember the things that we've achieved, we only remember the really big things, we don't remember the little small moments. And the reality is that the small moments are actually what makes up life, not the big moments. So it's a great exercise to do. Basically you just scroll through your camera roll and write down all the things that you've achieved for the year and then be in that energy as you achieve as you write down your manifestation for the next year. Because gratitude is obviously a really good energy to go into with the manifesting.

I also recently did a post HERE with a list of how to make your 2022 goals and resolutions.

I hope that you enjoy this episode. It is a game changer in understanding this whole world of energetics and obviously if you want a deeper insight into anything Magic, Money, & Manifestation: Level 2 is that higher level manifesting program. Level one is really good for an intro into this world.

Just a quick heads up, the audio isn't great in the IGTV compared to me talking into a microphone, because little baby Butter decided to chew through my podcast microphone lead so I didn't have the podcast mic to then record this as a podcast when I was doing the IG live. So bear with me as the content is still amazing, so I would still listen to it.

Okay, we're gonna jump into talking about energetic blueprints for you guys. I made a few notes so I can make sure that we hit everything today perfectly. We're talking about your energetic blueprint that you have with money and how it might be affecting your manifestations.

So when we're talking about blueprints like these, there's a blueprint for everything. You have blueprints for marketing plans, you have blueprints for love, you have blueprints for money, you have blueprints for how you manifest, you have blueprints for success. A blueprint is just like an energetic imprint that has been put on you based on your family, your upbringing and the conditioning that you were receiving when you were growing up. That's all a blueprint is. So we all have different blueprints depending on where we grew up, how we grew up, whether our parents had a lot of money, whether they had a very abundant mindset, whether they had a lot of scarcity, whether there was like a ceiling that was kind of put on you. whether your parents felt like there was a ceiling put on them and it was capped for them. All of these things then influence us, right.

Okay, so when we're talking about blueprints, your blueprint will generally be similar to your siblings, but they can actually be different depending on your own internal kind of dialogue as well, that can definitely impact your blueprints). Okay, so let's talk about our money blueprint. So all I want you guys to do is just receive all the information, let it land in your body, rather than writing everything down. And then you can go back and make notes if you want to, but choose to be here in your feminine and receive everything that I'm going to say instead of you being in your head with everything.

Okay, so I want you to firstly think about ceilings. So your energetic blueprint, when it comes to money, has a limit to it. It'll have all these blueprints, all these imprints in you, of like whether you can achieve this, whether this amount of money feels safe, whether you're in abundance, whether you're in scarcity, and you'll often have a ceiling with a cap where you feel like I can't make more than this, or you can't see how you can make more of it, or you always have an amount in your savings. That's like a ceiling where you feel like you have a limit that has been put on you. And that limit is in your blueprint. Okay? So in order for you to break your ceiling, you have to shift your energy.

So let's backtrack for a little bit. When we're talking about how a blueprint is made, things that you can think about is how much money your parents made, whether your parent’s parents had a lot of money or also struggled because then your grandparents blueprint also affects you, right? Who are the kinds of family that you grew up with? When did you grow up? Did you grow up in a wealthy city like New York? Or did you grow up in a city that didn't have as much money? Did you grow up with a very open mindset? Did you grow up with a mindset where you felt like the world was your oyster? Or did you grow up with a mindset of like you are limited, and you can only achieve x, because all of these things imprint on you. And you can translate this to like any other area of your life. You can translate it to also love, because you’ve got a blueprint for love, whether you feel like you're deserving of love, whether you feel like there's a limit to how much love you can receive, all the kind of men or women that you can attract in, and all that kind of stuff, right? So the financial blueprint that you have, it just combines your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions in the arena of money. So how you think, how you feel, how you act on money, will affect your money blueprint, right?

So what you want to be making sure that you're doing if you want to change your money blueprint is obviously slightly shifting and altering your thoughts, your beliefs, your actions around money, and how you think about money. And I've got plenty of podcasts for you guys to be doing that. Because you want to start shifting that information that's encoded in your body that's created the blueprint. And in order for you to start shifting, you need to start changing things and learning. So in order to shift your money blueprint, you need to also shift your environment. This is a really big one, because your environment heavily affects your body and how your body's feeling. Money and manifestations are an embodied experience, they're not in your head, so your body has to also shift.

And then you want to make sure that you are learning. So a lot of people when they're trying to heal their relationship with their own feminine energy, when they're trying to heal their relationship with men, when they're trying to heal their relationship with money or love or whatever, it is a really great start. A really great thing people forget to do is education. The reason why they have a fucked up relationship or mindset about money, love, men, women, success, is because that is how they have learnt to think about that thing. So if you want to change how you think about something, you need to learn something different. You can't just think that a light bulb is going to switch then it's just going to be like oh, now I think everything like this, you need to learn. So if you're not actively trying to change, or put yourself in different environments and invest in teachers, books, learning material that will allow you to actually shift your education around a certain topic around money for the sake of this, then I don't understand how you're thinking that anything will change, right? Because your information that's coded in your body is from the way in which you've learnt about money. So in order for you to change the way that you feel about money and therefore the way that you embody money, and therefore the way that you attract money in and receive money and manifest money, you need to change the way that you think about money and that is education. It's not just doing nothing.

I also want to add on the education piece, about when you want to change something rapidly. I did a podcast on this ages ago when I was in London and you guys fucking loved it - stop expecting massive results from free things. And the reason why I say this, like trigger warning, if you want to have these massive things come into your life, if you want radical shifts, whether it is money, whether it is finding the dream man, whether it is finding the dream house, like if you're not willing to invest and pay to get help in receiving this, you don't actually want that badly. Like think about that.

Let's jump into love for a second because everyone wants that currently more than money, but they actually want money just as much. If you are really wanting to manifest in your dream partner, but you are not willing to spend a dime on that shit, you don't really want it that badly. But then you've got people that will pay 1000s for Matchmakers because that is how much they are valuing a life partner valuing themselves. And that's how badly they want it. So guess what they're gonna find a fucking amazing life partner, because they have put out that money. It is about the energy exchange, putting that energy out into the universe of like, I want this, I trust myself and it's going to come back tenfold. But it’s also the logical side of do you actually want it that badly? Because if you don't actually want the results then you won’t put the effort in. So if you keep telling yourself “I can do it for free”, I'm like, no, you don't really want it and that can be really hard to receive. Because if you did really want it that badly, you would actually pay a lot of money for it. Because you would value it. Just think about it like this. I would pay anything when I broke Butters paw, because I value his health so much. And it's so easy for us to value other people. But we don't value ourselves very much. Right? I find it so easy to pay for everybody else. And well, I'm actually not valuing myself very much. I'm not valuing my health, I'm not valuing my happiness very much. Because people think, oh, but it's just like, it's just money. Like I don't really need it that badly, I don't really need to learn to manifest that badly. And it's like, you're not understanding the core of it. The core of it is happiness. When you understand how to manifest really fucking well and bring money in and you understand money, what that actually does is it helps you to not feel like you're trying to control everything. It helps you to feel like you have a bit of control in it. It helps you to feel like things are happening and it actually brings you happiness. It's not about the manifesting, it's about the freedom that you feel in your body, which helps the blueprint. The freedom that you feel in your body when you're like oh, I actually have a sense of control in my life, that's what it is. And then when you pull that piece in and feel it in your body (because remember, it's about an embodied experience) you actually feel like you can break the ceiling.

Okay, so three things that are going to change your blueprint, your coding, whatever you want to call it, it takes embodiment, it takes intention and it takes real fucking action to change it. So let's just all do a little thing. Let's just all close our eyes, place your hand on your heart, I want you to ask your heart (and be fucking honest) what is the step that I am avoiding taking because it feels uncomfortable?

Okay, get the answer, sink into a write down. There are four key things that you must be doing in order to change your financial blueprint. The four key elements of change are awareness, understanding, observing and then reconditioning. So awareness is you being aware of okay this is my money blueprint, this is my ceiling. Understanding is you understanding money, you understanding your blueprint, you understanding your blocks, you understanding up levelling, you understanding energy you understanding, you understanding frequency. Observing is you having the ability to observe where you like, fuck yourself, right? And then the reconditioning is all the relearning, the reconditioning, the reprogramming of your subconscious brain and the reconditioning of your body to then get to the next level. In the new module level of MMM level two, we're gonna do an embodiment practice. The embodiment piece is so important and is so forgotten when it comes to manifesting. Everybody thinks it's about journaling, it's about meditating, it's about Pinterest. Like those things, yes, all of them are important and I say all of them in my programmes. And it's actually the embodiment piece where the magic lies. And I'm gonna do that FAQ podcast when I have my fucking lead back (Butter chewed it). So when I get my podcast lead in the mail tonight, I might jump on and do that one as an IGTV. One of the FAQs that people always ask is “I feel like I'm doing all the journaling, and it's not working”. And that's because there is something in your body that's making you not able to embody the manifestation. And that's where we're talking about the blueprints and the coding. It is so much more than just journaling, especially when we're talking about that really high level kind of manifesting stuff, guys.

The next thing I want to talk about blueprints is 70% of breakups happen because of money. And people think it's because of money but it's actually a mismatch of blueprints. It's because one person values money like this and another person values money like this. And it's so important that when you're in the beginning of dating someone, guys, I cannot stress to you enough, talk about money. Are you on the same wavelength? And it doesn't mean that you have to both make the same amount of money, it means that if I was like “babe, can we go skiing here? I’m gonna pay for this accommodation, it’s $50,000” he’s going to be like, okay and it’s not going to be an issue, and then like, he'll pay for the other things. Or you're going out to dinner and you want to go to a really fancy restaurant and he’s like “I’ll take you to a really fancy restaurant” even though he doesn’t want to but he knows that you that's what you love and value. You don't need to make the same amount of money, that's not what blueprints are. Your blueprint can be like, heaven is the limit, and you make $50,000 a year, or your group blueprint can be scarcity and you make a million dollars a year. Blueprints aren’t about the actual amount of money that you make, it's about the energy that you have around money. It's about your story around money, your embodiment, your feelings, your safety around money. So when it comes to blueprints, you want to make sure that you are with someone where your blueprints actually match, or there’s understanding of each other's blueprints, and respect for it. So again, you could be with someone that makes half of what you make, but they also love to enjoy life and have a very abundant mindset. So they have no problem splurging, but they make half of what you make, or vice versa. Blueprints and understanding that energy around money is very, very important. Okay. And it's also good for yourself and your own relationship with yourself. Okay.

And the last thing that I want to mention is that when it comes to money beliefs and your blueprints, nothing is right, nothing is wrong. It's just about how you feel about things. You add your own energy to things. So if you think that making a million dollars feels gross, that's your feeling around it, like nothing is actually right or wrong. It's the energy that you add to things that then becomes your money story. It's your perception of things.

A lot of people have money stress in their life. A lot of people get stressed out paying bills, they hate opening a bank account, they hate paying for things, they want to go on holidays but they hate paying those big bills, I guarantee you, that's a lot of stress in most people's lives. And that really takes away from the freedom that we get to experience. So a lot of people don't value doing work around money, because they don't see it as important. But I want you to take a moment to think about how much your beliefs around money, and your shit around money, is actually affecting and draining you. Do you value having that weight lifted off your shoulders. Do you value not having scarcity and fear around money? Because you understand money, you know how to call in more money, and you feel like you have a lot more control around money, your manifestations and what you call in, rather than feeling like you've been fucked from birth with the money story that you were given. Because you haven't been fucked. The only reason why you're still in this situation is because of you. You're choosing to stay in the situation. So you can choose to stay in your current situation, or you can choose to change it

Most people are too scared of doing something different because they have to step out of their comfort zone and the unknown is scary for them and they can't pull their fucking socks up and do it anyway. And this is in every area of their life. So they stay where they are. But I want you to remember guys, the more things you do that are scary, the more you will do in your life. So if you make an investment that feels scary, I guarantee you won’t be scared to go on a date, I guarantee you that won't you won't be scared to go up to the guy in the bar. The more that you do things that scare you, the less jumping out of your comfort zone scares you. If you told me three years ago that I would just walk up to a dude in a bar and be like “Hi, I’m Monica” I'd be like “oh my god, I would never do that”. And now my brain doesn't question, I just do it. If there’s something I want, I just go and get it. Because I've done the work to create that freedom. But that meant I had to do scary things and I continue to do scary things to get me out of my comfort zone.

If you want more of this, jump into Magic, Money & Manifestation Level 1 and/or Level 2.