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200: 2022 is YOUR YEAR

200: 2022 is YOUR YEAR

In this episode we discussed what the new year is really about. We no longer have time for negativity or fake friends. Let’s make this year our b*tch. I discuss how to manifest and how to figure out which tools work best for you. 2022 brings a new sense of self. During this episode, I teach you how to look inward and listen to your true self. Now is the time to be selfish and focus on yourself. Changes do not happen overnight and I will help guide you into a healthy routine in order to manifest your dream life.

Go out and network

Ask, believe, achieve energy

Make a list and set your intentions for 2022

“I can’t” is no longer part of your vocabulary.

Manifestations can happen during your downtime, relax and breathe

Be intentional with manifestations

Focus on which practice feels the best for YOU


Chicken nuggets:

"In order to have a breakthrough, you need to have a breakdown."

"I feel like the last two years we've been on the battlefield, and now it's like, no one can fuck with me for this year. There's really been a shift in energy."

"Go and meet people for the sake of meeting people. You never know who you're going to meet through those people and you never know the opportunities that are going to come through people. So just be open-minded."

"You can start a new year, you can start a new habit at any time. Just make a choice."

"New Year resolutions that are so gung-ho just set you up for failure. What, on the first day of the year all of the fucking blue, you have to green juice, ginger shot, 3 litres of water, workout, journal, meditate - that is NOT sustainable. When it comes to habit building, you need to do one little thing, nail that and then move on to the next thing."