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Energetic Reasons for Your Period Problems

Energetic Reasons for Your Period Problems

Since 2018, I've been helping women get their periods back, heal their PCOS, get rid of their endometriosis, fall pregnant, get rid of PMS, etc.


And while you might be lucky if a doctor talks to you about your nutrition and lifestyle... they very likely will not tell you about the impact that your past trauma, normalized state of stress, or relationship with men affects your period.


So, enter me.


Here are some energetic reasons for your period issues...


Whether it's endo, missing periods, PCOS, infertility, pms, or anything in between

🌹 Lack of feminine energy being present in your body

🌹 History of sexual trauma

🌹 Not feeling safe in your body

🌹 Worrying about things a lot

🌹 Lack of self-trust

🌹 Unprocessed emotions

🌹 Finds hardship in feeling and processing emotions

🌹 Feeling unworthy

🌹 Fears around being seen in your sensuality

🌹 Shame around sex

🌹 Shaky relationship with the masculine/men

🌹 History of burnout

🌹 Always being in your head

🌹 Shame around your period

🌹 Disconnection from your pussy


So, if you are struggling with bad periods or “infertility,” I urge you to look deeper before you think that you’re just “broken” and have to outsource your power to big pharma. There IS a place for modern medicine, OF COURSE, but too many people are relying on it from an uneducated and uninformed place. They haven’t exhausted ALL the options. And the reality is that it doesn’t solve the root problem — but this work does.


And hey, if you heal all the ‘stuff’ and you still need Western interventions - GO FOR IT! But how good would it feel to at least know that you did try it all?!


THAT makes you feel confident in yourself.


I've spent years working with women "magically" healing their cycle and “magically” falling pregnant after being told otherwise by medical professionals.


You do not need to suffer alone, and there is another way.


If client after client is coming to me and falling pregnant or no longer having horrendous endometriosis pain... then THAT’S all the proof you need to know that the energetic impact is HUGE on the body. I have hundreds of testimonials sharing these stories from 2018 that you can look at on my website and the highlights of my testimonial page. 



Here is just ONE of them 👇🏻


"I used to get quite heavy periods and bad period pain that would radiate to my back. Sometimes I would be doubled over at my work desk with stabbing pain, mainly on my right-hand side. However, since finishing QA, I've had no period pain, and my period is lighter. I haven't drastically changed my diet/lifestyle. The only thing I can think of is that I cleared all the masculine wounding and shit to do with men, feeling let down by my dad, ex-boyfriends, etc." -Sarah 



Seriously this is just ONE example. Go read all the others 😉



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