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A Woman's Intuition and How Birthing Trauma & Medical Trauma Affects it

A Woman's Intuition and How Birthing Trauma & Medical Trauma Affects it

As a woman connected to her intuition, you feel a level of self-trust and self-disownment that you don't get access to when you aren't connected to you. 


So many of us become disconnected for various reasons, but one of the BIG ones that I see that really proliferates the fear that women can feel trusting themselves is birth... the medical system. 


You know the deal. You go to a doctor, and sometimes, you just get dismissed: " Nothing is wrong, blah, blah, blah." 


So many of us, me included, have had the experience of going to the doctor's office just to be dismissed for how we're feeling, for our symptoms, or for simply our intuitive feeling that we have inside that something is off. 


So, imagine this during the birthing process. Whether that is having a miscarriage or whilst giving birth, doctors are so quick to dismiss the mother's intuitive feelings on their own bodies. 


So quickly, doctors want to intervene with drugs, the idea that it's unsafe to do it at home, or worse... a woman's body doesn't know what she's doing. 


I am going to put this simply... what this is, is FEAR MONGERING. 


Fear to not allow women to trust what they know is RIGHT for their own bodies. This creates this sort of thing that I see so frequently that the biggest thing that we dismiss within ourselves as women is what actually makes us safe. 


But what is that? What makes one person safe can often not be the same for the other. Because of this, many women are often labeled as "woo woo" or "too alternative." 


So, whilst deciding on what is safest for our own bodies during the birthing process, you might feel safest giving birth at home. Still, because your whole friend group or somebody else is shitting on home births, saying how dangerous it is, you can start questioning yourself... start questioning your OWN intuition. 


We are intuitive women, and we're all very energetic human beings. We take in any information, and it gets stored in our energy field. Any thoughts from other people, even those on Instagram, we store as "truth" and what we should believe in. 


So... we start second-guessing ourselves. When we start second-guessing ourselves, we lose trust in ourselves and don't listen to our intuition. 


So what does that mean? Well, we start to weaken the muscle of listening to our gut feelings, intuition, and heart pull. We start to overanalyze it because we are worried that listening to and trusting our intuition will lead us in the wrong direction, to the wrong decision. 


We think that making the wrong decision will result in ridicule. People will think less of us, shame us, or reject us. Because of this, we think the better option is not to listen to ourselves but to somebody else instead—especially that way, we can blame the other person. 


So what do we do? 


Well, the foundational piece to reconnect to your intuition, hear it, and feel it is two things.

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