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My Thoughts on the Beauty Industry and Botox

My Thoughts on the Beauty Industry and Botox

Today, we are talking about Botox, my thoughts, and why I am worried about future generations. 


Social media has become a unique tool. Whether you use it professionally or with friends, it has become an amazing way to grow professionally and socially. 


But the dark side is that this sort of comparison culture has started to happen over the years. We are constantly comparing ourselves to somebody else, either consciously or unconsciously. Sadly, a lot of it is unconscious, and this is ultimately leading to negative thoughts. 


We have entered a culture that fears aging. This fear stems from the system that you absorb when watching TV, using social media, or seeing celebrities. 


Reality is that this fear of aging is not ours alone, but something we have collectively created together.


SO.... here are my thoughts on Botox and aging


I am keeping this VERY succinct. If we had never seen women who were 50 looking like they were 30, we would never have thought that we looked old at 50 or even 30. 


We would never think, 'I have too many wrinkles' or 'I need to get Botox.' 


But because we have created a culture where 'lines' on your body are 'wrong,' we start noticing them as early as 20. 


So, every time one woman gets Botox on her forehead, the next group of women starts analyzing why they have lines on their foreheads, and the cycle of comparing continues. 


I really want people to shift their views on this. I LOVE every single line and every single mark that is on my body, even as I'm getting older. Even with the scar on my leg after my ski accident, I realized (and I want you to ETCH this in your brain): 


Every single mark and every single line on our body tells a story. 


OUR SOUL is physically telling a story to the people around us. We have the gift of giving a physical representation of a human experience. 


And YES, even writing about this makes me emotional because we want to eliminate that. We think there is something wrong or shameful about it. 


So, what do I do instead? 


👩🏼 Live a healthy lifestyle: active, eating correctly for my body 

👩🏼 Facial Botox 


I have also shifted how I look in the mirror and appreciate the BEAUTY behind it all. 


I am not kidding you when I say I will put mascara in the mirror and see some crow’s feet, and I smile. Because to me, crow's feet equal WISDOM, and how powerful is that to be able to show to the world the wisdom of the years you have gotten? 


That is NOT something I want to hide. It is not something I want to hide from my friends, strangers, but more importantly, a future daughter or son, or even further than that, my grandchildren. 


I accept that as I get older, I'm going to look older, and since when is that a bad thing?


Guess what, it's not. 


Everyone can learn how to love themselves more, stop comparing, and heal any unhealed trauma. My class, Queen Alchemy, is now open for early enrollment (which comes with perks) <3