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What Feminine Energy Actually Means

What Feminine Energy Actually Means

Whilst we have a wave of women embracing their femininity and rebelling against the social constructs of the #girlboss movement and women who can "do it all”... we still have women who have the misfortune of being subject to their femininity being taken advantage of.

There are many mothers who have their powers ripped away from them by doctors doing things without consent during childbirth. We have women who don’t feel like their body is powerful enough to have its own wisdom. There are women being dragged along in toxic relationships.

The biggest misconception that many women have to heal is that femininity is weak.

When you live in a society where femininity is often taken advantage of or talked down to, it's no wonder why so many women chase the title of being a 'girlboss' to achieve external success.

Where once, building a beautiful home was seen as the most important role in society, now you're taken more seriously if you're making millions and on the way to burnout. You're being "productive" and thus rewarded for it.

The reality for women is that your feminine energy is the most powerful energy within you, yet the constant rejection and abandonment of it proliferates the wound of "I'm not strong enough."

You have been programmed to believe that your softness, warmth, empathy, and sensitivity are weaknesses. ⁠You have been taught that your sensuality and sexuality are something to be ashamed of. ⁠And that your desires to be taken, led, and cherished by a man are you giving up your power.⁠

When in reality, embodying all of the above is the exact definition of power, confidence, and deep self-worth. A woman who knows her value doesn't need to prove it to anyone. She's fully embodied in her feminine essence because that is her home.

Being feminine isn't a 'look' or a certain stereotypical image. It's about being connected to your intuition, softness, emotions, nurturing ability, body, heart, sensuality, and desires.

A woman who’s running a company can embody all of those qualities just as much as a woman raising her children and planting in her veggie patch.

The movement of women rebelling from the pressures of the hustle culture has also been met, however, with men rising back into their masculinity. Unfortunately, the fall of masculinity is real thanks to our society shaming men for their natural differences from women, causing women to have less safety in their femininity because there isn't the inherent protection by men that women once felt.

Many women feel like if they get out of one box of conditioning, they are pushed into another. While feminism freed us from a lot of suffering, it didn't and still hasn't allowed the vast majority of women to meet their own essence. There is a constant comparison and “Queen Bee syndrome” that social media hasn't helped, causing many women to not even know what it feels like to be in their feminine, in their bodies, or tapped into their intuition. They don't know who they truly are, they just know who they “should” be. 

And whilst we can blame society all we want, the reality is that that isn't empowering. It's keeping you as the victim. Don't wait for society to change. There is never going to be a perfect society. Instead, change and heal for your own inner peace. For your relationships. For your children. Do it for you, not to prove a point.

Embrace and express your femininity in a way that feels right for YOU, not in a way that will get you the validation that you crave.

Don't reject your feminine cravings to let go, receive, have help, be wanted, and be cherished. When you accept the parts of you that you've kept in the shadows, you meet yourself. You see yourself. And you stop abandoning yourself.


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xx Monica