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The Magic That Happens When You Step Into Your Feminine

The Magic That Happens When You Step Into Your Feminine

Ask yourself this: am I living for myself? Am I living the life I truly want?

...or are you living as society has told you you should live?

Because let’s face it: A woman that is in her divine feminine and fkn owning is, is a dangerous woman. 😉


Embrace and step into your femininity.
The divine feminine has gone through its moments of being shamed, burned, suppressed... & also praised, wanted, desired, and hunted for.

One thing is for sure though: when you heal your physical, emotional, energetic, and mental body, you come into alignment. And from there you're tapped into your essence, you're on purpose, you're deeply happy, and you feel at home within yourself.

A person is alignment is magnetic.

It’s so magnetic that it’s seen as DANGEROUS. You're going against the status quo.


What is alignment?
What alignment actually means is getting rid of anything and everything that is blocking you, holding you back, and limiting your expression and expansion. Essentially, when you remove all these layers that you have built up around yourself over time, you become your truest version of yourself.

When we were younger, the stories that get fed to you, the programming that is imprinted into you, etc., becomes your blueprint — your source of truth.

It is a result of your parents and their upbringing, the environment around you, social conditioning, etc. And that can take you out of your sense of alignment. It can take you out of your truth, your highest self, your most authentic, real, true version of you because you're living other people's stories, you're living out UNexpansive beliefs, and you are essentially not living the life that you want to be living.

You're not feeling the inner peace. You're not feeling the freedom of expression. You're not feeling like you. Because your trauma, your beliefs, your mindset, your energetic and emotional blocks, and all the stuff from your past is essentially holding you back.

For a lot of us, we let our past hold us back. Our past becomes our present and our future. We continue to allow our old story and old programming to run the show. It's a lot harder to do the work, to get uncomfortable, and therefore to change your present and your future.

But when you experience what alignment truly feels like, it all feels worth it. And you would do it a thousand times over to feel the inner peace and the alignment that you get to feel.

When you are in alignment with your truest self (the most authentic, expressed version of you — like you just feel at home within yourself) everything becomes so much easier. Miracles are the norm. You manifest things within the click of a fucking button or with a blink of an eye. And you really do feel like everything is possible for you. Life feels limitless.

So it’s about time that we stop thinking that being a woman is the "short end of the stick" and rather realized that our femininity is a powerful part of us that needs to be CLAIMED, WANTED, EXPRESSED, and ADORED.


THIS is what's possible for you:

  • You feel a lot
  • Your heart is opens
  • You magnetism attracts people to you
  • You can manifest things with ease
  • Your man leads you (without you haven't to ask)
  • You can let go and receive in the bedroom (urgh, drool)
  • You aren't burnt out at the end of each week
  • You have that inner peace in your mind and body you're wanting
  • Life becomes joyful
  • You feel like you've come home to yourself — it's a full body relaxation

Want to see what's possible for you? Look at the testimonials on the Queen Alchemy website page. If you know, you know 😉

If you haven't yet committed to somatic healing work ... you're missing out. The amount of research that proves the emotional root of physical issues is literally mind blowing... so if the doctor isn't fixing it, it might be because YOU need to fix it yourself 😉 (with my help of course).


xx Monica