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Embodying Feminine Energy With the Four Flavors of the Feminine

Embodying Feminine Energy With the Four Flavors of the Feminine

Let’s get one thing straight: there is NO one right way to be feminine.

I feel like for a lot of us, we can really pigeonhole ourselves into what the feminine should be. We should be soft, we should be emotional, we should be this, we should be that — the list goes on and on.  And we can really create this very pigeonholed look of how it is to be feminine.

I really want you guys to understand that there is no one way to present your femininity. There is no one way to express your femininity. And there is no one flavor of the feminine that is better than others — your authentic expression of the feminine is correct. If you are trying to be feminine in a way that someone's told you how to be feminine, but it feels inauthentic for you, you're literally not being feminine.

Because the crux of femininity is authenticity. It's body-based energy flow.

I've developed the concept of "flavors" because there is no one way that the feminine can be embodied.

The feminine is so multifaceted, so fucking chaotic, that there isn't really one style of her.

You gotta think about it, ladies: we have four different phases of our cycle, which means that technically there's a different version of you for every different phase of your cycle. And so if you were to relate that to your life, there are so many different flavors of you in your life that get to be expressed. 

Let’s chat about the tasty AF flavors I’ve come up with, shall we?


  • Confident and boundary-aware, enjoys eroticism, spontaneity, and kinky sex.
  • Occasionally enjoys domination and submission in the bedroom.
  • May struggle to relax unless prompted by partner. Seeks a partner who can dominate and be a "partner in crime".
  • Displays strong confidence and sensuality, particularly during ovulation.
  • May struggle to balance feminine energy and intensity, which some may find overwhelming. Requires a partner with a strong nervous system to match their energy.
  • Careful of burnout and prioritize quiet time.


  • In touch with their softer side, enjoys nature and a slower pace of life.
  • Prefers a beach or country lifestyle.
  • Identifies more as a goddess than a queen, and prioritizes their energetic blueprint over sexual desires.
  • Prefers picnics over fancy dinners.
  • Must be mindful not to neglect their needs and desires while embracing their relaxed side.
  • Must maintain direction and not become too consumed with pleasure.


  • Enjoys feminine aesthetics, dressing up, and being pampered.
  • Avoids danger and adrenaline.
  • Seeks a partner who provides security and protection.
  • Enjoys having fun and being playful, but is not highly sexual.
  • Suggests using psychological kink to explore new experiences.
  • Encouraged to embrace girly side without losing grounding and relaxation.


  • Is able to shift between different feminine types based on mood and menstrual cycle.
  • Can be dominant in one type but enjoys exploring all three.
  • Embraces flexibility and fluidity in feminine expression.

Ideally, you want to end up being "Wonder Woman" so that you can shift between each flavor as it feels right to you — fully embodying ALL parts of your feminine being.

If you want to dive deeper into the flavors of the feminine and the feminine blueprint, you need to listen to episode 319 of the podcast, linked just below:



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xx Monica