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How to cycle sync without a period

How to cycle sync without a period

For those of you that don't have a period because you're pregnant, had a hysterectomy or are on hormonal birth control, this blog is for you! 

I don't want anyone feeling FOMO cause they don't get to change the menu every week and there's a way to life cyclically even if you're not technically having hormonal changes. 

For women, the benefits of living cyclically go far beyond just benefitting our sex hormones. Our adrenals need us to live in a way that reduces burnout instead of grinding our gears like a man. 

All you need to do is cycle with the moon's cycle. So when the full moon is blazing through the sky, think of it as your ovulation time. 

When the moon is a new moon, it's the "start of your bleed." So you'd be living life like you would if you had your period right now. 

This way, you're able to get the joy of changing things up each week so that you can optimize your energy and vitality even though your hormones aren't changing. 


So after "4 days of your bleed" (day 1 is new moon), you're moving through your follicular phase and into your ovulation phase. Your "day of ovulation" is the full moon, and then you drop into your "luteal phase" until the new moon. 


For what to do in each of these phases, just listen to this podcast and thank me later!