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The energetic reason for your breakouts, rashes and/or eczema

The energetic reason for your breakouts, rashes and/or eczema

Firstly, depending where on your body you're experiencing the rashes or eczema, this may add more information to what your body is communicating with you.
Generally speaking your skin is linked to your ability to express emotions, be seen, safety being seen, and any fears that you have about being beautiful.

Many women hold subconscious fears around being beautiful, being seen, or being fully expressed and it causes our skin to literally create a protective barrier around us so that we hide.

Additionally, you might think that your life is all rainbows and butterflies, but don’t be shocked to know that many of my clients with skin issues unrelated to a fear of being seen have stored emotions in their bodies since childhood that has been bottled up over time, cause major skin issues as their body is literally trying to push out these big feelings.

  • Think about those moments where you have a red, irritated breakout -- it's like your skin almost looks angry. 👉🏼 HINT HINT!
  • Or what about when you have a big presentation coming up, and you get a breakout over your cheeks 👉🏼 Are you afraid of being seen? (so therefore your body literally makes you hide behind the breakout?)
  • Or what about when you don't want to leave the house because of a bad skin breakout or rash and therefore you're literally hiding in your house.

Have you ever felt unsafe to be beautiful? Maybe you were cat called to a point where you felt unsafe?

Have you ever felt like your lid was going to FUCKING BLOW any second? And you also happen to get a breakout all over your chin?


And whilst every person's body has a specific message that it's communicating and a root that needs to be healed and eliminated, there are some common energetic/emotional blocks that are linked to skin issues.

  • Fear of being seen
  • Suppressed emotions
  • Someone or something being under your skin
  • Major irritation
  • A constant state of flight or fight due to your body being in a state of trauma (whether you know it or not)
  • Critiquing yourself (this often exacerbates the breakout which SUCKS)
  • Putting barriers up to protect yourself

Look, whist we normalize a lot of things these days like bloating, PMS, acne, thyroid issues, headaches and 34304934 other things ....

they're not normal.

Just because it's common, doesn't mean that it's normal.

I know that you want to be in full health. To not worry about your body. To not feel so exhausted trying to fix it. To not be stressed that your body will freak out and get bloated and breakout at the worst possible time.

This SKIN HEALING CLASS is for you (come to the GUT one too).

I designed my new healing classes it with YOU in mind, knowing that you want answers. And answers that will last a lifetime. No more supplements that don't work.

No more 10 step skin routines. Just simple, quick and effective results.

Am I not the Queen of that?

In these two masterclasses, I’ll be guiding you through different somatic modalities that will support you in fully addressing the root issue of the energy blocks that are causing you to have these uncomfortable physical manifestations in your skin and/or gut. 

You’ll be walking away feeling: 

  • Empowered in knowing what the issue was 
  • Ease, as you know what to continue to do to really lock in this new glowing skin, or healthy gut 
  • Like a weight has been taken off your shoulders as you can finally rest in knowing that you have answers 
  • Relief as you have a simple, doable action plan that will work for YOU and YOUR BODY 
  • Connected and grateful for your body and the messages that it gives you 
  • Knowing exactly what to do if your skin and/or gut has a flare-up 
  • With the exact supplements and daily practices that I USE (and that my clients use) to maintain a healthy gut and clear skin.