You Want Your Dream Man… but Are You Ready for Him?

You Want Your Dream Man… but Are You Ready for Him?

Today I’m coming to you with some best girlfriend advice. 

That doesn’t mean it’s going to feel like a nice warm hug — it means I’m giving it to you straight and telling you what you need to hear. 

So, here it is: you might be the reason you’re not in your dream relationship. You might be the reason you haven’t met the man you’re trying to manifest.


Picture this: you’re an onion.

Hear me out, ok? Think of yourself as the core of an onion. You’re the core and you have so many layers around you. But the thing is, those are your layers of shit. (I told you this wasn’t a warm hug, LOL).

And what these layers of shit mean is that you are looking through shit colored glasses — not rose colored glasses, shit colored glasses. Like, you're looking through some murky fucking terrain, my friend. For you, things aren’t looking rosy, they’re pretty dang gloomy. 

That murky terrain is all of your trauma, your wounding, your shit, your beliefs, etc — that is what you’re looking through. What you think about men, your relationship with men, your relationship to sex, your relationship to the feminine? It’s all included, and those things become your lens. The way you’re looking at the world is through a trauma-filled lens, it’s a negative lens that unfortunately isn’t attracting what you’re wanting.  

And those murky onion layers are also creating a huge wall – these massive blocks around you — that are ensuring that you are not meeting your match, because the current version of yourself is not a match for him. You aren’t yet the version of HER that is right for your dream man.

Now, I know people might be like, “well, I met my person when I was going through so much, when I had heaps of trauma”. Of course, there are going to be exceptions. 

For a lot of us though (myself included, years before I met my fiancé), we need to heal our trauma, and get rid of the walls and blocks that those layers created. We need to be fully in alignment and our best selves in order to be in the dream relationship.

You need to heal all of the layers of the onion so that they're not there anymore. You need to clear that murky terrain, you need to get rid of those layers of shit so that the core of the onion can shine. 

Through healing work, and then embodiment, you can shed those layers. You can let your heart be open and become a radiant goddess. 

Let your onion core shine, my friend! Your current layers are your blocks, and I know with healing work you’ll shed them. 

I know you want to manifest your dream man, but first let’s work on creating your dream version of yourself.

xx Monica


ps. If this resonates with you, I discuss this topic much deeper in the episode linked below! And if you’ve already manifested your dream man? There are so many juicy nuggets waiting for you in the episode, too!


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