Falling In Love Can Be Scary... But It’s Worth It

Falling In Love Can Be Scary... But It’s Worth It

We all dream of falling in love and finding our person, but the reality is that falling in love can be scary.

You’re opening your heart, eliciting feelings of excitement but also fear. You're lowering the wall you've so carefully built to protect your heart because maybe you've been hurt before. You're worried about the past repeating itself, and your anxiety is skyrocketing for fear of being fucked over. 

Trust me, I get it. 


And far too many of us self-sabotage with great men or relationships because we think "it's too good to be true." 

True story: I thought my fiancé was too good to be true, and I straight up asked him if he was a narcissist. LOL! 

Spoiler… he's not.


So many of us grow up believing that things are “too good to be true,” that “life's hard,” and “money doesn't fall from trees,”… and so we wait for the other shoe to drop.

And all of that can really fuck with our minds when we're dating someone. 


So, I want to give you three things to do to stop self-sabotaging and start falling in love!!

1. Develop self-awarenessStart by recognizing and understanding how you tend to self-sabotage. What are your go-to methods? Dive deep into the roots of these behaviors. Why do you engage in them? Acknowledge the patterns that have become second nature, and confront the fears that fuel them.

2. Create a plan of action — Armed with self-awareness, create a clear plan of action. Identify the specific steps you can take to counteract your self-sabotaging tendencies. And make sure it's realistic and something you'll be able to follow through on. The key is to make a plan that aligns with your newfound awareness and you must commit to following through on it.

3. Practice mindfulness — This will allow you to slow down and interrupt your patterns rather than being reactive all the time. Cultivate the practice of being present in the moment, allowing yourself to observe your thoughts and emotions without immediate judgment. When you feel the familiar sense of your self-sabotage creeping in, allow yourself to pause, reflect, and choose a different response. It's about interrupting the autopilot mode and instead choosing a conscious, intentional approach to your emotions.


You can support the growth in your relationships by, of course, investing in someone (me!) who will walk you through how to be more than a-ok with dating, relationships, hard conversations, and, best of all, not self-sabotaging. 


By the way, if you're reading this and don't think you have a problem with self-sabotaging, trust me — you probably are in ways that you are unaware of.

Subconsciously, you are the expert of you.

Consciously, we are easily tricked by our subconscious self-sabotaging manipulations. Why? Because innately, everyone's number one priority is safety.

Your subconscious mind is always trying to keep you consciously safe and protected. It will blow your mind the first time you realize how sneaky that self-sabotaging can be.


Embodiment of Dating N°2 is for the woman who is ready for her relationship to flourish. She is ready to be no longer limited by fears of hard conversations, relationship anxiety, or the thought of "is he, or is he not the one?". 

We're not taught in school how to relate to the opposite sex, navigate challenging moments in relationships, or express our needs. So… EOD N°2 is the school you didn't get, yet desperately need.

Whether you're dating or in a relationship, this program is for you.  


Inside EOD N°2 you'll find 23 modules (3 of them are NEW), 2 live components (two live Q+A's), as well as access to a Telegram support group 🔥

Some of you have asked if you cannot make it to the live calls if you'll be able to submit questions ahead of time. The answer to this is YES. We'll have a question thread in the Telegram group for everyone to submit questions ahead of time before each call.


Ready to co-create the relationship of your dreams?

Remember, you cannot put a price tag on a healthy, loving, and expansive relationship.


xx Monica


P.S. If you're sitting on the fence, I'm here to help and answer your questions, as is Olivia (she's the face of our customer support and I couldn't live without her — plus, her words are truly magical).

So grab a cup of herbal tea, use this contact form, and get real with me. I'll shoot it to you straight. I mean it when I say I'm no BS and not just trying to sell you — I want you to get results, duh?!

And seriously, sometimes I tell people to wait 6 months and do XYZ and then come back to me because I care about you getting results. I'm not just making a quick buck (I know, shock-horror these days, hey). So seriously, no weird vibes. Zero pressure. Okay — hit that contact button if you're still reading this!! 😜