My List of What Feminine Leadership Looks & Feels Like

My List of What Feminine Leadership Looks & Feels Like

Hello everyone! I am writing/recording (check the episode on the podcast😉) from Australia.


Because HER is launching, we are going to talk all about feminine leadership. You know how I talk about feminine and masculine... well, for this blog post, you get to forget everything I have told you because the reality is we have to sometime throw the whole feminine masculine obsession out the fucking window and just be human.


I want to go through a quick list I made of what feminine leadership looks like and feels like to me...


🔥 Managing my workload: sometimes I am really fucking vibing with what I am doing, so I allow myself to be flexible with my to-do list and move it around.


🔥 Butttt, sorry, guys, the key thing that you have to understand about this point is  that I can differentiate between procrastination and actually knowing if I will do a better job later. And a lot of people will tell themselves they would do a better job later. They tell themselves, oh, I'm not in the right vibe right now when the reality is they are actually procrastinating.


🔥I am prioritizing my sleep


🔥Making things easier for myself and not harder: I know what is actually moving the needle forward and giving me the highest ROI in all areas of my life. I am putting my energy in places where I will get a high ROI in return.


🔥I am acting: Yes, that's right. I am dressing and behaving as the version of myself I want to be and am becoming.


🔥Making sure my team is elevating me and my brand: ensuring that I have people around me who are able to support me personally and professionally be two steps ahead of me


>>  Let's talk about this for a second. A lot of people, as they are starting to build their business, are so focused on the money, making 300,000 a year to a million dollars a year, they can sometimes forget about their team, how their energy is affecting them, their brand, their ability to elevate and expand and have a greater impact. So, if as a business owner, you want to step more into feminine leadership, being that "feminine CEO," then you need to ensure that you're not only thinking about yourself but your team, their impact on your energy, and their reflection of your business.


Ok, back to that list...


🔥I am always ensuring that I am creating the space for my dreams to manifest: I am making sure that I am creating the space now for motherhood later.


🔥I am putting effort into my relationship and not defaulting to masculine energy

Most importantly, I have made my days and my work feminine because of my intention in living my life, not because I'm always doing feminine things. I know I have a feminine job with healing, coaching, nurturing, and loving people, but I also have 10 other jobs at once. I am also a CEO, which isn't classified as super feminine, but I make it feminine because of my intention and because of how I work, not just what I'm working on.


The biggest takeaway I want you guys to have from this quick blog nugget is that you do need to work hard and push through blocks sometimes. When you're starting out in your career or having a big change in your life, things aren't always easy and flowing. Whether it's work, relationships, or a big quantum leap, it's imperative that you learn to embrace both your feminine and masculine aspects.


I talk so much more about this in this week's episode of Feminine as F*ck - ep 365: How to 'Be in Your Feminine Energy' While Doing 'Masculine' Things (Plus How to Stop Overthinking It), so go to Spotify, Apply Podcast, or Youtube to get the full convo of feminine leadership and drop your obsession with masculine and feminine.


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