The Embodiment of Dating


Relationships can be hard, but EOD N°2 gives you the tools, practices and energetic shifts to stay grounded in the woman that you desire to be. 

Whether you're looking to elevate your dating experience or learn how to navigate the hard moments in your committed relationship, this program will provide you with a timeless wealth of knowledge.



The only round of the year closes in...

Are you wondering...

  • How to know when to stay or go? 
  • What's his problem, and what's mine? 
  • How to text/handle messages when flirting a lot
  • When his effort feels too slow for what you'd like 
  • Does relationship anxiety exist? I don't know the difference between my gut feeling and my anxiety 
  • What is the line between his "potential" and him being "already there"?
  • How to spot the red flags and then remove yourself from the situation 
  • When to sleep with him
  • How to bring up and handle the HARD conversations and in a way that leads to success
  • Is it a red flag, or am I overthinking?
  • How to create a dating app that will actually get me the good guys!
  • How to know if he's the right person
  • Why do I keep attracting emotionally unavailable men?
  • How to know from the start if things will or will not work out
  • How to get a man in public to ask for your number/ ask you out
  • How to be more open and stop having a "type" as I feel like it's limiting me!
  • How to deal with ghosting behavior as it's KILLING me
  • How to get over my anxious attachment style
  • Ways to stop being anxious/avoidant as it's sucking my soul from me 

This is the second part of your journey. Either you've done The Embodiment of Dating Masterclass, and/or you're in a relationship, and now you need to learn what we didn't learn in school. 

Pythagorean theorem was great, but it didn't do sh*t for our relationships, and relationships are the foundation of our happiness. 

In fact, loneliness is more lethal than smoking 15 cigarettes a day and increases the risk of premature death by about 26%. The good thing? I've got a solution for your romantic relationship AND your platonic ones. 

Everything that will be covered in EOD N°2 is not only going to help you with your sexy man, but it's also going to help you with your friendships, working relationships, and business. 

Because anxiety, fears, and 'what ifs' no longer need to run the show. They're SO 2020. 

Embodiment of Dating Nº2 is the relationship program that many people don't want to run. It's not full of high-vibe 'fun' things. It's not talking about the 'five steps to have hotter sex.' But it IS diving into the 'ugly' parts that no one wants to talk about or admit what happens behind closed doors.

So instead of thinking you need some 'fun' relationship program... maybe you need a program that teaches you how to fight well, disarm each other, not be reactive, improve communication, and realize that sometimes it is your fault, and THAT'S OKAY BECAUSE YOU'RE HUMAN.

New research is informing us that 34% of Americans think their romantic relationships are the leading cause of their stress.

It's time we change that. 


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We're diving into the nitty gritty of healthy relationships, intimacy, and healing your attachment style.

Modern dating is something that many of us struggle to navigate as ghosting has become the norm, and we avoid the hard conversations for fear of being seen as 'crazy.' Dating back to the 1980s was never this complicated; therefore, we are the first generation trying to learn something that a lot of us are finding very stressful.

So we owe it to ourselves (and the future generations) to learn how to do this well. 

Over my past relationships, years of dating, and now my current relationship with my fiancé, I've learned the universal DO's and DON'Ts I'm sharing with you in this program. 

This is NOT a 'text him this' program.

This is a program that will support you in creating your OWN rules for a relationship that will keep your heart full, your pussy wet, and your mind at ease.

I'm not going to spoon-feed you black-and-white answers. I'm going to help you tune out the noise from your girlfriends giving you the (wrong) advice and tune IN to your own higher self that will never lead you astray.

You will feel at ease in your relationship and have the tools to guide you through even the roughest of seasons. 

Are you craving to...
  • Feel at ease when having hard conversations and not breaking into a sweat
  • Become ONLY available to men who are ready for a committed, healthy, and sexy relationship
  • Feeling claimed by him even 3 years+ in the relationship 
  • Communicate effectively so that he feels understood and you feel heard and loved.
  • Know how to avoid ghosting behavior, how to bring it up, and how to ensure you are NO LONGER a match for it
  • Learn how to date in an effective, healthy way where EVERYONE wins (you and him) 
  • Be proud of the woman that you are when dating and in this relationship
  • Know that he's the right person and no longer have the thought of 'is he the one?' in your mind
  • No longer feel anxious when he hasn't texted you back, but instead, feel neutral?
  • Know how to engage in fights so that they are productive and constructive? 
  • Be fully confident in knowing ACTUAL red flags and no longer worried that you're dating a narcissist 
  • Having the tools and processes to stay in your own energy and not get triggered in rough moments
  • Cultivate your own sense of safety and remove any unhealthy co-dependancy 
  • Getting out of cycles of self abandonment and people pleasing (that just leads to resentment) 
  • Disconnect from the entitled dating advice and root into the truth of unconditional love
  • Know how to navigate hard moments in relationships because we're all human, and seasons are normal
We're not taught in school how to relate to the opposite sex, navigate hard moments in relationships, and express our needs. 
So EOD No 2 is the school you didn't get (yet desperately need).

Whether you're dating or in a relationship, this program is for you.

This program is going to guide you on how to behave like the Feminine Queen that you are and say goodbye to emotionally dysregulated outbursts.

EOD N°2 is more than just a dating program. It's the subject that we didn't get in school that would have ACTUALLY been useful. Most of us don't have an upbringing where we are taught how to express ourselves and remain emotionally stable when life happens or how to navigate getting triggered in relationships... right?! 

So that's why I made this.

After getting the same reoccurring questions, I knew the EOD Masterclass alone wasn't enough. You wanted more.

In this second part of the journey, I'm taking you through 22 CORE lessons (just updated January 2024), 2x Q+A's, and 1x Attachment Style Healing Session.

You also get access to a Telegram channel where you can share wins, talk to each other and leave questions for future module ideas.

(All modalities are owned by Monica, and you do not have the legal rights to re-use them with your own clients.)

This is the first round of the program, and thus the future rounds will not be at this price, nor have this level of intimacy. So if you trust the niggle, follow it!

watch the video
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The reality is falling in love can be scary. Your heart is opening. You're lowering the wall you've so carefully built to protect your heart because you've been hurt before.

You're worried about the past repeating itself, and your anxiety is skyrocketing for fear of being f*cked over.  
I get it. 

Far too many of us self-sabotage with great men or relationships because we think "it's too good to be true."  

Or maybe you feel like if he's not listening, it means he's "toxic" OR a reality that they have to just live with and deal with "as part of being in a relationship."

When, really, you just have to learn how to communicate really well, hold your ground, and get my framework for 'fighting well.' And yes, it takes a little bit of initial legwork, and it might not work overnight, but it WORKS IN THE LONG RUN.

In my world, we are about playing the long-term game and getting sustainable, LASTING results so that you learn it once and use it forever.

Relationships are challenging... you've got two people from completely different walks of life (no matter how similar you might think you are, you are WILDLY different regarding your childhood) trying to cohabitate. The LEAST you can do is feel like you've got some tools and tactics to co-create your dream relationship.

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You will get access to the pre-recorded content immediately after purchasing.

The link to join the Telegram group for you to leave questions for future modules, your wins and connecting with the other women is in your program portal.

Automatic reminder emails for the LIVE Q&A calls will be sent to the email that you use at checkout. Please ensure that you save my contact information so that the emails do not go to junk. 

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To manifest the life of your dreams


The thing that sucks your soul and drains your sense of self, or the experience that expands you and opens your heart.

Dating and relationships can be complex, or simple depending on your understanding of them and the way in which you show up.



The proof is in the pudding...