Enrollment Guide

Enrollment Guide

With so many incredible ways to work with me, I wanted to provide you with a guide on 'whats coming up' so that you can plan ahead and make sure you don't fall prey to Instagram not showing you my content... and than you not knowing to join program X!! THE HORROR!!


If you know me & my work you know that I'm more interested in providing DEEP transformation and not being surface level. My programs do not cross over each other. They are unique and focused on their particular topic to allow you to take multiple programs of mine and have depth in your healing, embodiment, and understanding of the topic at hand. 

All my programs very much compliment each other so you can rest assured that each program is different. 


p.s. If you want to see ALL all of programs, go to the "work with me" page and you'll see them all there.


Not sure what's right for you?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to send a DM on Instagram or email me at! We're always here to help guide you to what you need. 


Here's a template if you're not sure where to start:

Hi Monica & Olivia!

I've been really resonating with your content around (insert topics), and I would love to start working on (insert things). I'm currently struggling with (tell me what's going on; symptoms, habits, destructive cycles, beliefs, etc.).

Can you please share with me the best programs/containers to be a part of?

Thanks, (Your name)


The following programs are available at any time:



What's happening in September 2023:


What's happening in October 2023:


What's happening in November 2023:


What's happening in December 2023:


What's in the cards for 2024:


Note: NONE of my programs overlap besides MMM1 and QA (however, I've had many people do both and they LOVE having both as the delivery is different, so things shifted for them differently in each program).