The Flow-On Effect from Investing in Yourself

The Flow-On Effect from Investing in Yourself

Here’s something that I think about A LOT, friends. It truly fascinates me, and I want you to think about it too:


People will deem it more acceptable to invest in their business than to invest in themselves.


Whether you run a business or not, it’s something we should all reflect on.


The reason why it's important to think about this is because essentially you are saying (energetically) that you value your business more than you value your life.


Not the priority we want to be going for, is it?


And what people fail to realize… is that how you show up in your career — whether you run your own business or not — is a direct reflection of your life.


We all know that when we are having a shit show in our relationships, when we’re anxious as fuck with dating, when we don’t focus on self-care, and when we take no time for ourselves… our job suffers.


Whether it's that day or that week, it suffers. We know that we aren't as productive. We know that we don't feel as good at our job. We know that we’re fast-tracked for burnout.


So isn't it funny that we make it easier to invest in our business, but we won't as easily invest in ourselves? 


So, for those of you that are like, “holy fuck, this is me!” I want you to reframe this in your mind, in your energy, and in your body. Truly think about this (I’m giving you homework, ok?) and think about the flow-on effect that you would have in your life if you were able to receive more in your life.


If you were able to have more polarity in your relationship or in dating, or if you felt better about money, how would that affect your career? If you felt balanced and at ease in your life, how would that make your job easier?


There’s a flow-on effect when you feel good in your life, so let’s focus on energizing and investing in our LIFE FORCE energy — because your career is going to benefit anyways (but it won’t the other way around, very unlikely anyway).


xx Monica



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