The Difference Between Teaching and Embodiment

The Difference Between Teaching and Embodiment

Everything in my programs, I embody. The programs are the physical version of what I live out and have lived out throughout my journey since 2014.


Regurgitating run-of-the-mill advice is one thing, but actually living it out and being the living proof? That's a whole other thing (and I'm all about it).


I’m a big believer in making healing something that actually STICKS. If the results don’t stick, it’s frustrating and makes you feel like, “what’s the point?”.


So, over the years, everything I’ve developed that I use with my client gives SUSTAINABLE results. It sticks and isn't an added thing on your to-do list.


That’s why I don’t stop selling my programs… because they’re TIMELESS. In a sea of information, you want to come to someone who is rooted in their work where you can see it and FEEL it.


Integrity is my no. 1 value.



These days, thanks to Google and AI, you can pretty much fake who you are and get away with it. Pretty Instagram feeds, 50K followers, and control + c means that you can literally pretend you're anyone.


The pro to the abundance of information is that there are no limits. Anyone can achieve anything these days. If you have the ability to look at this post, then you have the ability to get out of shitty circumstances. The issue nowadays is that people don't want to have to work for it. Instead, it’s all about quick success and staying surface-level — and you knowwww, I ain’t about that.


Teaching someone about something that you learned at school or read in a book is one thing, but if you're not the walking, talking, breathing version... then you don't really know what you're asking your client/patient to do. If you are asking them to cut out sugar, but you are addicted to sugar, you aren't exactly being an inspiration to them. You're not embodying what you're sharing. You're sharing/saying what will make you money, but you're when it comes to a hard experience-based question, you have no fkn idea.


When they ask, "What do I do when I have intense cravings for sugar and my head is pounding?", you might be able to give them the logical answer, but you cannot connect with them. They're learning from your textbook, but not YOU. You are not the asset, the textbook is.



When you embody something you become irreplaceable. You become what people want. They are no longer just googling things or reading a book, they want to hear it from YOU. They want the advice and wisdom to be woven in with your take, based on your experience and journey of doing this yourself.


When you hire a business coach that's never run a successful business, you're asking them questions they don't have the answers to from their own experience — rather they'll be sharing with you what they think they know, based on what they've read or learned at school. There are times when this is valuable, but in the day of DILUTED information, I don't want run-of-the-mill advice. I want a person that has walked the path before me, and not only will teach me but INSPIRE ME.


Advice is one thing, but energy is another. When you are with someone that you're inspired by, you not only look up to them for advice, you actually shift your energy because they've expanded your 'normal.'


You change your life not just from what they've said, but how they SHOW you.



Energy is palpable. The energy of someone else affects your energy, your mindset, your standards, and your reticular activating system.


Soon enough, your standards, health, mindset, and whole life change because they didn't just tell you it was possible — they  actually showed you.


If you want to weed out people that are really good and those that aren't... look at whether they EMBODY what they preach. Feel and see their energy. (You can see energy. The energy of someone will affect how they hold themselves, dress, their vitality, how white their eyes are, their smile, etc.)


If you had heart issues and you went to a doctor that was obese... would you really trust what they say? No. At least I fkn hope not.


At the end of the day, we trust people that look like they are trustworthy (remember what I said about seeing energy?) And when we smell something fishy, it's usually because it is. 


xx Monica




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