Compromises I Had to Make as a 7 Figure Business Owner When Meeting My Man

Compromises I Had to Make as a 7 Figure Business Owner When Meeting My Man

A big lie we get told is that you have to pick between him or your career.


But what if you just have to learn how to do both?


It was a learning curve for me, but because I set things up so well to be able to do both, there was a very short adjustment period.


I believed and was only going to accept having both a sexy relationship AND a sexy business. It wasn't one or the other.


It was both.


Being in a relationship means there are things that you have to compromise, of course, AND you also need to know the ROOT of your own needs and values to ensure things are aligned for you.

(FYI, most people have the wrong thing on their 'lists of needs and values'... they have a surface-level need, not a ROOT need... something for Embodiment of Dating Masterclass 😉)


So over my time of being with the man of my dreams, growing my business, *and* having him work for me, here are the things I had to learn how to do DIFFERENTLY (not really a compromise, just something to re-learn):


Time management and prioritization — I have a lot going on in my life and business, and that was even before my now-fiancé came into my life. From running my own business, traveling often (what feels like all the time), and everything in between, on paper it didn't look like I had room for much more.

But I did. I just had to learn how to manage my time differently and balance the love for my business and my love for him. At the start, of course this wasn't seamless, but I adapted and found a rhythm that felt right for me.


Tidiness and organization (lol for anyone who knows me) — in this scenario, he's Mr. Organized and I'm more, "I'lll tidy when not buried in work" (cue me juggling six mugs and glasses as I finally tidy my office LOL). I had to adapt and adopt a tidier routine — making sure the wardrobe and closet didn't always look like a hurricane had just been through, and tidying the kitchen after making breakfast.


Different schedules and sleep patterns — my and my fiancés schedules are completely night and day. It's basically early bird meets night owl. We had to compromise to make sure the other person's needs were respected and so no one felt forced into a new schedule.

It's also nice to realize that differing schedules means for more much-needed alone time to connect with yourself!


Financial dynamics — while most of us don't enjoy broaching this topic and think it's awkward, it is so important!

In my own relationship, it was important to openly admit and know that I earn more and am the breadwinner. It wasn't a compromise but a learning curve — understanding each other's roles and keeping polarity despite going against typical gender norms.


Overall, it's about adapting and making small, sustainable changes to benefit everyone's needs in your relationship. It's not about big sacrifices or putting your partner's needs above your own, and the more you communicate about it, I'm sure the easier the transition will be for you.


And for those of you who are finding it hard to learn how to do love & business... this is why I ADORE my program, The Feminine CEO. It's rooted in feminine principles, ensuring that your heart is happy in your life & business. Just look at the testimonials to see for yourself.


xx Monica