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When you combine full-body wellness, manifestation, DNA upgrades, money talk, feminine embodiment, polarity, and sex together, what do you get?

Monica's LA pop-up event!

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Saturday, October 21, 2023


Los Angeles, CA


10am - 6pm


Nothing is as powerful, expansive, or transformational as when you get in a room with like-minded women and feel seen, loved, and respected for your desires.

Most women spend their lives wanting to be seen for their desires. And by not ever feeling this way, it subconsciously holds them back from feeling safe to go after what they want.

After running the 3-Day Immersion successfully since 2019, it's time to introduce a one-day pop-up event. This event isn't for mascara-running trauma release; it's for finishing 2023 on a high. After a few hard years for many of us (thanks to lockdowns, Covid, and major disconnection), we're in some serious need (whether you know it or not) of connection, intimacy, and in-person experiences.

What makes this different to my 3-day immersion?

It's worlds apart ... trust me

In my Immersion, we go deeper than you’ve ever gone. Past what you thought you’d be able to access and into layers of trauma, pain, heartbreak, resentment, anger, and baggage. The energy that’s present during those days is unlike what you’ve seen before. It’s a journey of intense healing to profound freedom and inner peace.

At this LA pop-up event, Monica is focusing on the ‘lighter’ work around polarity, relationships, boundaries, manifestation, feminine/masculine, embodied wellness and creating an exclusive event that’s centered around what’s loved at her infamous Immersions but often not gone into as much depth.

So this way, if you’ve been to an Immersion before, you’re still experiencing something different and, in fact, often what women wished they got a fourth day of!

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Hold on to your avocado toast, people!

Get $500 off!

Get on the waitlist before August 10th and you'll get $500 off your ticket. This waitlist only offer is valid until August 18th.

Sound familiar?

  • You were feeling motivated as f*ck at the start of the year, but things aren't happening the way that you wanted, and you know you still have so much more you want to manifest this year.
  • You want to learn how to "do it all" without having to sacrifice anything. You see Monica nailing her health, wellness, relationship, business, home, etc., and you're like, "HOWWW??!!" 
  • You're longing to make more true friends that are authentic, and you can have a deep conversation with.
  • You know in your heart of hearts that an event like this, which gives you a huge "pick me up," would do you wonders for the rest of the year.

What about this?

  • You're hitting these 'limits' and 'ceilings' in different areas of your life, and you're so ready for them to not hold you back. You are fully ready to claim more in your relationship, life, career, love, friendships, etc., and you need something to essentially blast you off to space!
  • You have these big dreams for yourself, but the procrastination and lack of discipline seem to always creep up and be a 'thing' — making you insanely frustrated with yourself (cue meltdowns).
  • You feel like your relationship is 'blah,' and you want it to make you weak at the knees. You love him deeply, but things just don't feel how you want them to feel. You want him to claim you, ravish you, and protect you without having to ask.

What will you get from
a day in LA?

  • New friends that you easily click with and don't have to make small talk with (vomit).
  • A completely shifted energy that will catapult you into the life that you want.
  • That debilitating and frustrating procrastination and perfectionism will be a thing of the past, so you can actually show up in a way that you're proud of and not be in the cycle of self-shame.
  • Actionable advice from Monica (and her Fiancé) on all things relationships, polarity, understanding men, feminine energy, etc. — you name it, she'll answer it. 
  • The first sneak peek of my book!!!! I'll be starting the day by sharing with you one of my favorite chapters.
  • A comprehensive understanding and embodiment shift with boundaries. You'll no longer be wavering on your words; you'll actually be in the Queen Embodiment that you dream of.
  • Clarity on how to show up in a way that allows you to co-create the relationship of your dreams and have him devour you daily.
  • Knowing how to actually be healthy (in all forms) and how to do it for life (cause fuck short-term things!).
And if that's not enough for you, the VIP option may be designed just for you ;)
Gimmie VIP deets


It's time to do something NEW.

We are more disconnected, depressed, and lonely than ever since the pandemic in 2020, and so it's time for you to get off your peachy ass, no longer have excuses, and get in this room.

In this 8-hour day, you'll be upgrading every part of your life
Not only will Monica's fiancé be joining for part of the polarity and understanding men Q+A (a highlight of our very successful Australia event that resulted in a spontaneous lap dance being requested for everyone's enjoyment — much to Monica's surprise), but you'll be overhauling your health, mindset, money, manifestations, relationships, and feminine energy.

Think of this event as getting everything in 8 hours.

PLUS, you'll get the first read of Monica's book as she shares one of her chapters with you to kick off the day — talk about expansion!
Over the 8 hours, these are the topics that you'll embody as a result of coming to this event:
  • Mastering self-discipline, procrastination, and self-commitment
  • Feminine/masculine energy in your life and career
  • Polarity, dating, and relationships
  • Making healthy living your non-negotiable
  • Manifestation and DNA upgrades
  • Having self-respect and the flow-on affect
  • Boundaries and Queen Embodiment in every area of your life

Essentially, you'll be HER by the end of the day.



Have made new lifelong friends that actually GET YOU and support what you're about

Walk into the rest of the year with power, confidence, passion and PALPABLE manifestation powers

No longer have procrastination and perfectionism as something that you identify with.

Know the exact things to do & say to ensure your LIVING your dream relationship from now on

Have the energy, vitality and motivation to show up fully in your business, life, health, family and relationship. You'll no longer be the one holding yourself back

Be fully expanded and have stepped into the top-tier version of yourself you've been DYING to activate


And the pandemic didn't make it any better. The sad thing is that the MAJORITY of Millennial women are lonely. Women were more heavily affected by lockdowns during the pandemic and social isolation has increased since 2020. So whilst it might feel "new" for you to come to an event like this because you haven't done it in years -- it might just save your life. There is an overwhelming amount of research that links social connection (in person) to health outcomes. So get out of your chair, get uncomfortable and come have FUN!


Is the increased chance of mortality from social isolation


Of those that are lonely live in the most popular states like NY, CA, GA, TX, NJ, VA, FL 


Of Americans find being shy as the reason why it's hard for them to make friends


Of Millennials say they are lonely

This event is wildly different from Monica's renowned 3-day event. You can dress up, wear heels, and your makeup won't be completely off your face 2 hours into the day.

This event is like the 'pick me up' that you need three-quarters of the way through the year.

October 21st is mandatory if you want to ensure that 2023 has truly exceeded your expectations and blown your socks off.

And for those businesswomen out there wanting to really embody The Feminine CEO, then our bonus VIP day is something worth doing for your current and future self.



9 am: Arrival, getting tea and coffee, meeting Monica, and taking pictures.

9:30 am: Embodiment of self-discipline, procrastination, perfectionism, and self-commitment (and moving through blocks that you have with these things).

10:30am: Boundaries and Queen Embodiment in every area of your life (and Monica will be sharing exactly what you say/do/don't do to hold energetic, as well as physical boundaries, for the specific examples you provide).

11:30 pm: Making a healthy lifestyle easy. Dive into where you're holding yourself back from your optimal health and learn from Monica on how to make your ideal health easily achievable and sustainable. She'll be walking you through the BS that's out there in 'healthy marketing' so that you can shift through the noise and have your new lifestyle be a part of you and not a stressful thing.

12.30 pm: Knuckling down on cycle syncing and how to fully embrace the 'flavor' of you at each phase of your cycle whilst also living life and not making it something you become obsessed with. She'll be walking you through tapping into your intuitive nudges so that you can listen to your body's signals to avoid hormonal disruption and burnout and have that glowing health you desire.

1:30 pm: Lunch break for an hour (in this hour, you'll also get to hear an exclusive chapter of my book!)

2.30 pm: Manifestation and condensing time. Monica will be walking you through somatic practices to tap into the future version of yourself and literally change your energy now to become a match for HER immediately. You'll start this segment by fully understanding manifestation beyond the basics and what it means to be in 'embodied manifestation.' You'll be able to ask Monica questions about your own hurdles that come up with manifestation and fully claim what you desire for your life. This is a high-energy part of the event where you'll be sitting on the edge of your seats as Monica delivers this topic in a unique and authentic way that lands.

3:30 pm: Relationships, polarity & optimizing your feminine energy. This is likely to be the part of the event where you're fanning yourself and tying up your hair because of how sexy everything is! Prepare to turn up the polarity in your life, and thus relationship, in a way you've never done before. Whether you're single or in a relationship, you will walk away with pages of notes and never want this part of the event to end. Monica will be diving into how you can increase the polarity in your relationship without having to say anything to him. How to have him step up as the leader by just working on your own energy. How to maximize your femininity in a masculine-driven world. How to have men all around you wanting to help, protect, and support you. And most important, how to make your current or future relationship one of your dreams. She will help you drastically improve your polarity and your intimacy, communication, and the overall "health" of your relationship in ways you didn't even know you needed.

5 pm: Q+A with Monica and her Fiancé. This was one of the favorite parts of the Australia event because the women attending got to ask a normal man anything and everything. It wasn't just healing for the women to have Monica and her fiancé's input on their own dilemmas — it was even more healing for them to see the way he looked at her and talked about her. It allowed them to immediately shift into what they set as the standard in their own relationship and not become an energetic match for anything less. It was refreshing to see their banter and "realness" on stage, as many couples in the world of personal development don't feel relatable as he is doing deep work on himself... and that's just not the average guy!! Lucky for you, Monica is one of the most real and authentic coaches out there (he's not into the "woo woo" as he calls it), and it means that you'll have a breath of fresh air when they're talking together as they really are a real and normal couple.
Hold on to your avocado toast, people!

Get $500 off!

Get on the waitlist before August 10th and you'll get $500 off your ticket. This waitlist only offer is valid until August 18th.
RUNNING not walking


Saturday, October 21, 2023


Los Angeles, CA


10am - 6pm


best value!

A one-time payment of $1497

LIVE! 60 min masterclass for healing the energetic issues showing up in your gut
A guide of practices and supplements that you can be taking for a stomach that doesn't disrupt your sex life ;)
best savings!

2 monthly payments of $849

LIVE! 60 min masterclass for healing the energetic issues showing up in your gut
A guide of practices and supplements that you can be taking for a stomach that doesn't disrupt your sex life ;)


Did someone say a DAY WITH MONICA?! Yes, we did. You read that right. 

There are 4 spaces available for a VIP ticket (so you'll be getting 1:1 time and attention), where you'll be welcomed into the house that Monica and her team are staying in so that you can have a day with Monica and MYH.

This is different from anything we've done before, and it will allow you to not only have 1:1 time with Monica but you'll also get 1:1 time with each member of the team. So yes, Monica is giving you an hour with her assistant, so if you need to order those flowers ahead of time for your mum's birthday, Sarah will do that for you so you can do something else ;)

This is why the VIP is of benefit to you: 

If you want Monica's EA, Operations Manager, and COO/CFO to look at your business and give you hands-on advice, action, and help in a way that will not only quantum leap you in a day but also expand your energy field, then this is for you. Being able to have these parts of the team looking at your business isn't just helpful; it's an action of manifestation right there. You're FEELING what it feels like to have someone else do something for you. To have someone else do something better than you. Ugh, how fkn supportive?!

Oh, and did we mention that Monica will be cooking for you? Yes, imagine sitting at the kitchen island bench and talking to Monica as she just whips up one of her glorious dishes? That's you. Oh, and make sure you pack your fave bikini, as you'll be able to lay by the pool, get some vitamin D, and be getting help from Monica.

The great thing about this VIP day is that you're the leader. Monica is there to give you what YOU need, but the agenda is highly derived from what you'd find the most beneficial in your business. So you can be 100% that you'll get what you need because you're literally planning the day.

Sunday October 22nd 10am- 6pm in LA


best value!

A one-time payment of $5000

Ticket to the All-Day Pop-Up Event
ALL DAY VIP day with Monica's team on Sunday Oct 22
VIP Transfer to Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Included
Lunch, snacks & good vibes
Business/Mind elevated and sunkissed skin
best savings!

2 monthly payments of $2500

Ticket to the All-Day Pop-Up Event
ALL DAY VIP day with Monica's team on Sunday Oct 22
VIP Transfer to Malibu Rocky Oaks Estate Included
Lunch, snacks & good vibes
Business/Mind elevated and sunkissed skin


Yup, I need it.