Navigating the "Stretch" Phase of a Manifestation

Navigating the "Stretch" Phase of a Manifestation

I’ve reached an absolutely incredible point in my life and business. I manifested reaching this place, this is what I’ve been wanting, and I’m SO happy and grateful… and yet I want more. 


And I don’t think I’ll ever stop wanting more and wanting to uplevel — because why would I?

It’s funny because you get to this place where you’re like, “this is what I wanted!”, but then you keep adding more. Basically, you've got your manifestation, you're still manifesting, you have what you've always wanted, but you're still thinking, “hmm, I don't have enough.”

Is that a problem? Oh, hell no. Let’s talk about why:

Manifesting is multilayered. 

Manifesting is multilayered in that so many different things are happening at one time:

  • Manifesting your next big goal (or goals plural — go after it!)
  • Manifesting small goals that are always changing
  • Reaching your manifestation
  • Celebrating and appreciating your accomplishments
  • Looking to the future and what’s next on the manifestation list 

It’s a LOT. It’s magical and wonderful and great things come from it, but it’s SO important to stop and actually appreciate what you’ve created for yourself because there was a time that you dreamed of this moment and being in this place. 

If you own your own business, or if you are just a type-A person, you will probably always have the mentality, “I want more, I want more, I want more” — trust me, I’ve got it in spades. But I learned to stop and appreciate, and actually sit for a little bit and be like, “I actually want a month where we have no more things coming in. I want a moment where it’s just calm.” 

I neverrrr used to be able to do that, but I’ve learned the balance. And trust me, I still have this inner flame, and fire, and ambition that is looking onto the next thing (and the next thing, and the next thing…). Honesty, sometimes I have to say to the universe, “ok, slow down now!” because so much growth and manifestation comes to fruition at once. 

So, how do I navigate those ‘slow down, please’ moments?

I lean into it. I embrace what I have, what’s to come, and what once was. 

If you’re feeling too much of a stretch in your manifestation, and you’re being pulled and this is too much at one time, just remember this: stretching feels fucking goooood. Imagine the feeling after a hot yoga class or an intense pilates session. While you’re in it you might be thinking, “ohhhh, hell nah”, but once you’re through it and at the end of your session your body is pure electricity and lighting you up from within. 

So, is it too much? Or are you in a phase of intense stretching where you need to learn to actually stretch to this new level because this is what you've always wanted? I think we both know the answer. 😉

Right now I’m in a phase where I don’t feel forced to stretch. I want to stretch. I’m doing it to myself and nobody else (I’m looking at you, universe) is doing it to me. I’m in a whole new energy where I’m fully expanded, and my mindset is I’m gonna do it ALL.

To get to this phase I’ve had to change my inner mindset to, what has to change within me to be able to receive all of these manifestations? I needed to get myself to a mental space where I know I can actually do it all. It’s really been about stretching to a new limit and breaking through my own ceiling — and you have your own ceiling to break through, too. 

Embrace the stretch. 

For a lot of us, the stretching can be very uncomfortable and we repel it. So, what can happen is you can then repel what it is that you manifest because as soon as you start to get it, you're thinking, “this is too much”

You need to remember and remind yourself that you’ve been manifesting this. You’ve been working towards and waiting for this moment. And most of all: it might feel like too much for the current version of you, but it's not too much for the next version of you.


Because for her, this is her normal. 

I explore this even further in episode 309: How To Navigate The "Stretch" Phase Of A Manifestation & Uplevel. It’s going to get you fired up (I was fired up talking about it 🔥) for manifesting and upleveling like never before!!


xx Monica


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