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Your ultimate guide to eating out and dodging the bullets

At a party: Cocktails. Don’t go there. Reach for wine, clear spirits, a glass of champagne (just 1 or 2) or even better, WATER! Go for the cheese board without the crackers instead of the desert Out for dinner: Choose a protein and veggies as your side with NO SAUCES. Just ask for plain olive oil and a wedge of lemon. Thai food: Full of sugar and vegetable oil. Avoid stir fries with chilli jams, oyster or satay sauce, or any sauce for that matter. Ask for curries with coconut milk/cream and for no sugar to be added (unless of course it is pre-made). TBH Thai is just sugar in a room and so if you can, choose another cuisine. Indian food: Curries are the best choice here. Avoid lassi’s chutney and anything with banana accompanying it. Instead go for meat and veggie based curries and tandoori meat Vietnamese: This can be a good option if you are careful about how you choose your food. Avoid the sauces and dressings and go for pho with meat and vegetables and salads without dressing

Italian: Remember that tomatoes when put into a sauce become very concentrated and a small serving can become a large amount of sugar. Therefore avoid tomato based anything as well as salad dressings and balsamic reductions. Reach for the antipasto, grilled anything, pesto, or cream based pastas. I will usually go for a steak and veggies.

Mexican: Not only is it my favourite cuisine, but they use very little sugar! Stay away from salsas, sauces and mayo and go for grilled meats, salads, guac and corn tortillas

Japanese: Careful with this one. Sushi rice has sugar in it, and lots of it so you should avoid rice along with any sauces besides soy sauce (ask for tamari if GF or BYO). Instead choose miso soup, sashimi, edamame or plain grilled fish/chicken/beef

Greek: This is an epic choice because their diet is generally very low in sugar. Just avoid sundried tomatoes and honey. Hoe into the grilled anything or greek salad, stews, souvlaki, antipasto platters, hummus, tzatziki

On the road?

I would obviously suggest packing as much of your own food as possible, but when in doubt reach for unsalted nuts, full fat cheese, plain full fat yoghurt, can of tuna or salmon and AVOID just about anything else (soft drinks, lollies, chocolates, cakes, granola bars, you name it )

Want to know what I pack to travel with? One of the next posts is an in-depth look into my suitcase and carry on bags (including my cooler bag). Make sure you subscribe to see it first.