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185: Your manifestation FAQ’s

185: Your manifestation FAQ’s

Today I'm answering all your manifestation FAQ's.


Question 1: Why is it that I can manifest something in two days and then sometimes I feel it takes forever?

You've put yourself in a timeline. Time is an illusion. Sometimes if things feel like they're taking forever, is because you've got into your head. But it just because you haven't seen a result yet. Remember that energy is always moving, so there's always things in motion. Things to look at as well: how big is this manifestation? What things do you need to get into alignment before you can manifest it? Are you actually ready to receive this?

Some coaches say that you should have DMs as your strategy because it's the path of least resistance.

I love this question, it's a load of shit. One of the universal laws is the path of least resistance. If you haven't listened to episode 184 yet, listen! I'm sorry, DM'ing people is fucking resistance. The path of least resistance would be you embodying your fucking shit and receiving clients into your field. DM'ing people is all ego, in your head, strategy.

I feel like I'm strong with the law of action, more than attraction. Any ideas for practising the law of attraction, calling in and receiving?

Put yourself in environments that make you feel high vibe. This could be going to do some work in the lobby of the Plaza, having a coffee at your favourite cafe, going on a walk down your favourite street with beautiful houses, going to stay in a hotel that you've wanted to stay in for ages. The law of attraction is about vibe, energy. Do journal practises, meditations, put yourself in the energy of what you want to join attract. And join MMM L2.

Do you need to let it go and forget about manifesting, or think about it every day?

It's totally down to your personality type. I don't believe there's a right answer to this question and everyone is different.

How do you know when you're close to your manifestations?

Sometimes you'll feel it, sometimes you won't. This is a question you've asked me very likely because you want an answer to feed your ago and to make your ego feel comfortable, because you don't feel comfortable letting go, surrendering and trusting in the divine timing. You need to get into your body and out of your head.

Can you have manifestation burnout?

You can have burnout from anything! This is why it's so important that you don't put yourself in this box of 'I have to do this every day' and just flowwww with it.

is it about feeling it or seeing it?

It's about whatever allows you to feel like you are in the energy of 'I already have this'. If you feel like it's too hard to get, it's not going to happen. Whatever practise allows you to feel, imagine and visualise 'of course I can have this, duh, this is what I'm worth and I won't settle for anything else', that's what you want to do! When it comes to the approach, it's whatever feels best for you. If you are confused about manifesting, join MMM L1 or Queen Alchemy.

Can having a down day or week impact your manifestations?

I did a whole episode on this! Listen to 182.

How do I get past me feeling like I can't have things?

You need to do the deeper work. There's two mistakes with manifestations. 1. People expect quantum results but they won't take massive leaps. 2. They don't do the deep trauma work and therefore the reason why they block these manifestations or they lose their manifestations is because deep down they don't believe they're worthy. Join the next round of Queen Alchemy for this deep trauma work.

Do you have any other ideas beside meditation of how I can think of inspired ways to take action?

You respond to things that are put in front of you. So, you meet a random person and they invite you to a party - you say yes. You feel a pull to walk down a street - walk down that street. You want to cast a spell - cast the spell. There are so many ways you can take inspired action, it's just about doing something different so you are in a new energy. In that new energy, you can then have new ideas come through. New energy, new ideas, new experiences, new up-levels, new you.

Chicken nuggets:

Tune into what feels right for you.

Allow yourself to be inspired by yourself.

Don't look to other people for answers. Look to other people for energy and inspiration, and remember that the answers that are going to give you the best results are within you. Invest in people for energy and activation, not answers and empower yourself to find the answers within.


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