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You don’t want to go on hormonal birth control, and you sure as hell don’t want to get pregnant.

I figured it was about time I had written a blog post on this. One of the most highly sought after answers for young girls and of course, getting pregnant can be detrimental for some women. Not because they don’t want a baby, but because they cannot support a baby. Firstly, good on you for not wanting to go on hormonal birth control and wanting to look for other options. As I always say, I’m not completely against hormonal birth control, but I just think that majority of women are not given the education with ALL their options. As a woman, I was never educated about the things that I now know, and so I went on the pill because I thought I could get pregnant at any time. Myth 1: you can get pregnant all the time, every time OH HELL NO. Good news (or maybe bad news??) you CANNOT get pregnant at any time of your cycle. You have a window – 5 days before ovulation (because that’s how long sperm can live in you) and 1 day after (because that’s how long the egg survives). You CANNOT, I repeat, CANNOT become pregnant for the rest of your cycle. The most empowering, inspiring and rewarding way of knowing your cycle and not becoming pregnant, or knowing when to try for a baby is the Fertility Awareness Method. This is a scientific method because it uses 3 things to tell when you ovulate (which is when you have an egg to become fertilized).
  1. Basal body temperature
  2. Cervix changes
  3. Cervical fluid
Why do I love this method so much? Because it allows you to experience the different changes in yourself throughout the cycle. How boring would life be if you were just the same aaallll the damn time?! Knowing your cycle and how you feel at different cycles allows you (and your partner) to know that on day x, going to work will result in you killing the intern, so work from home that day. Or that on day x you’re partner is just your roommate…but on day x, he is your Christian to your Grey. Exhibit A: DAMNNNNN Your natural cycle allows you to harness your superpowers at each time of the month and use that to your advantage. (e.g. see all your girlfriends during ovulation because your communication skills are DA BEST). You get it? Good. Need help knowing how to chart your cycle and use FAM In a way that will either prevent pregnancy/get you pregnant? Book In for a strategy session and you won’t look back! Also, listen to my YouTube for more info. Other non-hormonal contraception’s include:
  • The male condom
  • The female condom
  • A diaphragm without spermicide
  • Cervical cap without spermicide
  • Withdrawl or pull out method. This isn’t recommended for teenage couples and you must keep in mind that if you want to have sex twice in a row, the man needs to pee in between
  • The copper IUD. This IUD doesn’t release hormones and it doesn’t prevent ovulation so is a great method for some women. It prevents pregnancy as the copper ions impair sperm motility and the fact that you have something in your uterus prevents an egg from being implanted.
Now, how’s that for a few options? If you need another option for birth control but don’t quite fully understand each of the different forms, hit me up! I’d love to help you to understand everything so that you feel empowered to make an educated decision about your body. You can either email me or book in for a strategy session. Or if you’re not sure if you want a one-off session or a coaching package, book in for a 20 mins FREE consultation xx