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Why do people have so much hate for PB?

Some varieties of peanut butter are literally a death food. Filled with toxic oils, sugar and preservatives LET'S START OFF WITH SOME OF THE DOWNFALLS Peanuts are high in omega 6 fat and many people get way too many omega 6 fats already in their diet and no enough omega 3 fatty acids. While omega 3 fats reduce inflammation, omega 6 CAUSE inflammation. So, being aware of your consumption is key in order to not let things get too out of whack as a ratio of omega 6 to omega 3 is an important ratio to remain in balance like humans were first established. The ratio is often found at 20:1 in the modern diet of omega 6 vs omega 3 which is CRAZY seeing as a healthy ratio is close to 2:1. Peanuts often contain mould and can cause allergies. As peanuts are grown in the ground, they are very moist and can contain mycotoxins or mould. Mould can create inflammatory immune reactions. HOW TO CONSUME PB IN A HEALTHY WAY: Buy organic. Make sure you buy organic peanut butter as this eliminates toxins that are in the soil and just takes another baddie off the list and gives you another reason to hoe into the jar! Consume it with omega 3 rich foods! While it may seem a bit ridiculous to have an omega 3 fish-oil supplement at the same time you have a scoop of the goodness, just ensure that you consume plenty of omega 3 rich foods in your diet to try and balance out that ratio and reduce inflammation. Bottom line - if you eat plenty of omega 3 fats in your diet, you aren’t allergic to them, and you don’t go too overboard with the spoonfuls, then you really don’t need to worry about eating peanut butter. Peanuts are known to boost metabolism and fat loss if consumed with other right foods as part of a real food diet because they are a high-protein snack that are easily burned carbs. Just ENSURE that you do not get the peanut butter than has ANYTHING added to the ingredients! You want JUST PEANUTS. My favourite brand is Mayvers organic peanut butter made here in Australia.