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Wanna get your GUT RIGHT?

For those of you that follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that I was talking about a product called GUTRIGHT. I hate that I have to do this because I hope you know that I would NEVER endorse a product I haven't used and love...but this is not sponsored and they haven't sent me this product to try. GUTRIGHT isn't a probiotic or a prebiotic - it's a modbiotic. Basically, in short, it kills the bad bugs that feed off sugar in your gut and helps to balance the good bugs. Many people think that we need to keep adding more bugs to our gut when in fact we have PLENTY. Even after antibiotics, Steve (from ATP science who I trust with my life) told me that antibiotics won't wipe out all your bugs and GUTRIGHT will help feed those that you do still have after you've finished the course. In our guts today, we have too many "Firmicutes" and not enough "bacteroidetes". Firmicutes are sugar feeders that generate inflammation and slow down out metabolism whereas bacteroidetes are fat feeders that reduce and block inflammation as well as boosting our metabolism.

A study conducted in obese and lean twins shows that Firmicutes were dominant in the obese twins and that bacteroidetes were dominant in the lean twins. They also observed that the abundant bacteroidetes enhances the genes linked to carbohydrate metabolism. Meaning the bacteroidetes enhanced the lean subject’s ability to burn carbs as fuel instead of storing fat.

In fact, Lactobacillus was initially created after the war to help people GAIN weight. Now we are popping them left right and center!

So what has caused this?
  • there is more sugar in our fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains
  • there is less fiber
  • we eat less antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal parts of fruits and vegetables from the skins, peels, and seeds
  • we eat fewer micronutrients
Probiotics are mostly just firmicutes (e.g. lactobacillus) which don't fix the overgrowth of bad bugs. My experience with GUTRIGHT I took GUTRIGHT 3 times of day, for 10 days and boy did I see progress. My results are as follows after finishing my antibiotics after my last surgery:
  • For the first 2 days, I was a little bound up. Unlike my usual poos that slide straight out, these antibiotics made me feel really heavy in my gut and I was just so keen
  • On day 4, my poos were AMAZING! For me (everyone is different), I had the smelliest poos (which is a sign that dead bacteria was coming out) and I think I pooed 4 times that day. My poos were also the poos where you walk out of the loo and want to high-5 everyone because it was such an epic shit. I probs lost 8kg just in that one dump
  • Day 5 - didn't do any poos today which was VERY unlike me -- the frustrating thing was that I actually wanted to poo yet I couldn't - I felt quite heavy in the gut
  • Day 6 - I was constipated as fuck to the point where I took like 8 psyllium husk capsules
  • Day 8 or so - all poo was let loose (THANK GOD). ATP talks on their podcast about how some people do get bound up and this is because normally your gut is inflamed and creating a lot of mucous which is what makes you shit. Soooo don't stress if you don't poo for a couple of days because everything is just settling
Since finishing the 10 days, I am now taking the GUTRIGHT about every second day (to save money) on top of a very healthy diet that is mostly plant-based and organic when possible. I now poo twice a day, with no problem at all. Poos are beautiful, good smelling and good consistency and leave me feeling nice and empty. It's a full evacuation. Bloating is also gone from my antibiotics and hospital drugs since my second surgery. Please remember that everyone's experience is different. I know some people have done the GUTRIGHT 10-day protocol and had nothing changed - that's a good thing because it means that you didn't have many bad bacteria to flush out. Would I recommend this product? HELL YES! I've been recommending it to all my life coaching clients and health coaching clients. A healthy gut contributes to healthy hormones. You can read lots more about this product here