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I used to give too many f**k's about what people thought.

Whilst I've never really been one to care much about whether people like me or not, I am definitely guilty of measuring my success and self-worth on the amount of Instagram likes I get and how many followers I have. Oh and Instagram, your new algorithm isn't helping me either!!! OR maybe it is providing me with the challenging of having to learn to NOT measure myself up against likes. Maybe it's allowing us to learn something from it? This year, I saw F that. Success isn't about how many likes you get, it's about persistence and consistency. And that doesn't happen overnight. I don't want a 10 minute bit of success and fame, I want a LIFETIME of it. And that doesn't come from likes. Contemplating and obsessing over what people think of you, or more rather; what you think people think of you (they probs don't actually think this) is toxic and fricken exhausting! I don't want to be perfect. I want to be real and show who I REALLY am. It's okay if not everyone likes what you stand for. In fact, remember next time when someone doesn't agree with you that you are still getting them to think, and consider. And whether they know it or not, you've made an impact on them. I get many people that get aggressive towards me because I'm not a vegan or because I say don't count calories. But instead of being offended, I recognise that I've actually just made them think and had an impact on them. I actually enjoy being real with you guys. I try to really show you the good and the bad in my life and my biggest struggles. I want my platform to be a safe place where girls and women feel that I am real and relatable. It's one of the things my clients love the most - that I don't take the bullshit, I'm real and I've been there. I understand it, and I reasonable. I'm not going to make you quit gluten, dairy, sugar, coffee, chips, chocolate and alcohol all in a week! I work with you to make goals that are achievable and motivating, but most of all SUSTAINABLE. It's not sustainable to be fake, or trying to be someone else so that most people will like you. Fuck that. Live how you want to and with no regrets.