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Sydney Healthy Food Guide

Harry's - Bondi Beach This cafe is perfect for breakfast or lunch and has a delicious menu. Whilst they do cook in vegetable oil - I ask for the 'Tahini Avocado Toast' and instead of toast, they basically put the tahini-avocado sauce in a dish with a side of kale and 2 poached eggs. Safe to say that I'm a happy camper. This tahini-avo is the fricken BEST. Last time I was there, they actually sauteed the kale and I was like; oh shit this has vegetable oil. So the waiter went to take it back to the kitchen to get raw kale and it turned out they cooked the kale in COCONUT OIL!! So just ask about this one and make sure that they cook it in coconut oil, not vegetable oil. Tell them that you are highly allergic to all vegetable oils. They also have a delicious 'Digestive Tea' blend which I highly recommend. Harry's avocado tahini Sauteed kale in coconut oil, avocado and tahini sauce and 2 poached eggs Bondi Wholefoods - Bondi Beach OMG, healthy food heaven. They cook in olive oil and don't use any crappy ingredients. I got the "Green Longevity Bowl" and it was AMAZEBALLS. This is probably my favourite place and I cannot wait to come back here. They also sell Good Bones Bone broth, so basically, my life is sorted. Three Blue Ducks - Bronte I went here for lunch and I have to go back. They are all about wholesome, fresh and healthy ingredients and have adopted a 'farm to table' policy. The dish that I got was the market fish with charred broccoli and zucchini and sweet potato hummus. They had just added it to the menu so I was one lucky duck to be able to get a hold of this. I was so sad when I finished the meal, I just wanted it again! Also, there was no vegetable oil in this dish. Broth Bar and Larde - Bronte This isn't a restaurant or a cafe but sells amazing take-home meals from bone broth to soup, stews and activated nuts. Get the activated macadamias. Holy crap. Once again, they use only organic grass-fed meat and use the highest quality ingredients. The food is super gut-friendly, based on primal principles and defs the healthiest takeaway on the planet!! If I can eat it, then you can eat i!! About Life - Multiple locations This is like a mini version of Wholefoods!! Many of their pre-made meals DON'T contain vegetable oil, and contain olive oil instead (thank god) and they stock delicious pestos, salads, warm foods, budda bowls etc Fish Bowl - Bondi Beach No, the salmon isn't wild caught but when you are travelling there are some things that you have to shut up about. Wild caught fish is one of them. I love these bowls because they contain no gluten, dairy, sugar or vegetable oil and it's a cute dinner to grab and eat on the beach. I get a large bowl with a base of cabbage (and ask for gluten-free soy sauce!!), salmon, carrot, spring onions, edamame, cucumber, nori, avocado, coconut chips and either the miso and tahini dressing or olive oil and lemon. A Tavola - Darlinghurst This little traditional Italian restaurant was absolutely beautiful. The service was incredible and they adjusted the meals to be gluten free and dairy free and only cooked in olive oil for me (not butter because of the dairy). I got a dish with Barramundi in like a tomato sauce with sauteed broad beans and it was AMAZZZINGGGG. Would highly recommend this place for a date night. COOH - Alexandria This venue not only has a cute fit out and excellent service, but the food was healthy, wholesome and organic. unfortunately they do cook some things in vegetable oil, however, they were VERY accommodating and would let me know the things that were cooked in vegetable oil. As a rule of thumb, their deep fried stuff was in vegetable oil (Canola oil), but everything that was pan fried was in olive oil. So for dinner, we ordered the:
  • Roasted broccoli, toasted almonds, lemon, chilli
  • Smokey Eggplant with garlic, herbs, sourdough (with the sourdough on the side)
to start with and for mains, we ordered the Beef Cheeks and the Ocean Trout. Other delicious main meal options that are healthy was a Barramundi dish and the eye fillet. Although the ocean trout was obviously farmed, as always I try to be as less fussy as possible when I'm out eating and just enjoy myself. The fact that I was not eating gluten, dairy or vegetable oil was good enough for me! The ocean trout was delicious and came with a sweet potato puree, citrus herb salad and a beurre blanc (I got it without the beuree black 'cause #dairyfree). Needless to say, the beef cheeks were SO SOFT you could barely chew it as it melted in your mouth, and the trout was perfectly cooked with a delicious crispayyyy skin! I would highly recommend this restaurant for a casual, nice dinner that is reasonably priced. We didn't order any drinks so that obviously also make the feed cheaper for us, at about $50 a head.
COOH starters/sides Starters/sides of the smokey eggplant w/o the bread, and the roasted broccoli with almonds and chilli
COOH beef cheeks Slow cooked free range beef cheeks, celeriac puree, heirloom carrots & red wine
COOH Salmon Crispy skin ocean trout, sweet potato puree, citrus herb salad, without the beurre blanc