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How I stay sugar-free even during exam time

It is important to remember that during these times your body needs as much goodness as it can get and eating unhealthy foods will only make you feel worse down the track (hello sugar crash). Not to mention they tend to provide no fuel for your brain which is what you RELLY Need!

My tips to staying sugar free during this time

  1. Get a good nights sleep. When you are tired, you tend to reach for the unhealthy foods. How appetising does a bowl of pasta, or a curry with lots of rice sound when you're tired? Good right?? Well, it might leave you feeling heavy, bloated and a bit foggy in the brain so try to avoid that. Instead, choose one of my zoodle recipes or my ‘tastes like katsu curry’ that provide the same amount of comfort with a fuck load more nutrients.
  2. Eat a fatty breakfast. If you don’t eat breakfast then answer this - do you tend to overeat later in the day and have lots of cravings?? If the answer is yes, then you need to eat breakfast. Those that skip breakfast make up (and over) for it later in the day and in the evening as they are ravishing and will reach for just about anything (and it tends to be unhealthy!). Try making any of my breakfasts for some rocket fuel for your day. It’ll boost your cognitive function and help to keep your blood sugar levels at bay so you won’t crash in the arvo.
  3. Need a snack? Choose fat. If you are feeling like a munch, and don’t worry we all get like this in these times - then munch wisely. Don’t tell yourself you can’t have a snack if you just want a fricken snack because that will only make you want it more. Instead, snack smart. Have fat with your snack in the form of nuts, nut butter, cheese, butter, avocado, coconut etc or make one of my ‘Fat burning brownies’ because they are so filling and will satisfy all your cravings!
  4. Dense out your meals. Basically, don’t leave any room in your stomach for a midnight snack attack of sugar loaded crap. Leave the table feeling full - so load your plate up with veggies, olive oil or other healthy fats and some protein.
  5. Give yourself some out time. Recharging your battery doesn’t make you weak and will NOT make you fail your exam. If you want peak performance then besides eating well, you also need to re-charge your battery so that you can actually function! Have a 5-10 minute meditation, put your feet up the wall for 10 minutes, go for a walk outside around the block or lay in the sun for 10 minutes. Doing this does not make you a pussy, or doesn’t mean that you are slacking off - it’s quite the opposite.

Got any more tips? Let me know my commenting below or telling me on Instagram! If any of these tips have helped you, be sure to let me know and remember to keep telling me what you want me to write about! I love giving you guys value, so keep the messages coming! Good luck! xx