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SERIES: How I got the first signs of my period after a year of it going to la-la land #2

Here's the second part of my series of posts about how I got my period back. This is the long list of things that I did to help get my period back.
  • ate more good fat like avocado, coconut products, organic animal fat, olive oil, nuts and seeds to help my cells get more fat on them. This doesn't actually make you fat, it just makes your cells fatter to help with the production of hormones and increase my body fat percentage
  • increased my body weight through more strength exercise and increased food
  • ate more root veggies at dinner as they have more carbs which is very helpful for women and fertility.
  • ate more sweet potato, pumpkin and carrots
  • less chilli and more ginger (decreasing my 'yang' and increasing my 'yin')
  • decreased my exercise to destress my nervous system and help my body fat to increase
  • increase my feminine practices like yoga, dancing, body scrubs, doing my hair
  • had more 'rest time' during the day to reduce my stress levels and just stop and 'be'
  • saw a naturopath. I highly recommend doing this if you want your period to return naturally. I got a stool sample and blood test done to determine what my gut is doing, and what my hormone levels are at. My gut tests showed that my phase 2 of liver detoxification wasn't working and therefore my liver was under a lot of stress. It also showed my hormone levels and how LOW they were! By doing these tests, I started taking herbs to help stimulate the production of these hormones and detox my liver
  • got acupuncture with a fertility specialist
  • removed caffeine from my diet as this can act as a stressor to the body deeming the world as 'unsafe' to have a baby
  • ate more organic produce
  • removed EVERY toxic beauty product. I always used natural, non-toxic makeup and 'natural' facewash/shampoo etc but now all my stuff is so clean, I can understand every ingredient.
  • sitting in the moonlight on a full moon
So this is my LONG list of everything I did to help me. There is no 'one thing' that I did that changed everything, but it was rather a combination of things (i believe) that helped to heal my hormonal imbalance. If there's one thing I've learnt...there is no 'quick fix' to this. Also, try and learn to love being a woman more - it was only once I started understanding how fricken amazing the women body is that I felt like my period was coming back!