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Races, Champagne and Expectations

Anyway, this post is more about 'no expectations'. I have found over the years that when you place expectations on people, events or situations you will almost ALWAYS be let down, right? Expectations always hurt, they always let you down. You need to be happy with yourself and your situation as it currently is. Hell, I am HELLA happy with my situation and my life right now. I have gone through some serious shit over the past year but for some reason, I am so incredibly happy right now. Truth is, I actually had my jaw broken a couple months ago and it's a good year long process for it to heal. ( I'm going to open up and do a post on this V soon). I, according to my orthodontist am a 'healing goddess' because of how abnormally quickly my jaw has healed (thanks to my healthy diet), but I still get pain, discomfort and hard days. However, for some bizarre reason, I have never been as happy as I am now. I have let go of all my expectations on life and seriously have learnt to live for now. It's like in my surgery they pressed a button and the lightbulb just clicked. I have let go of expectations of friends, family and myself and I am SO much better for it.
I mean, the weather on Saturday was absolute crap. I was so fucking freezing my toes were grey (seriously not even joking) and my lips were purple. By the end of the day, I had a winter coat on and two red blankets over me and a lovely group of guys we met called me 'little red riding hood' which was actually very hilarious. BUT despite the cold, it was amazing fun!...because if you really think about it, there are some things in life you just cannot control (aka the weather) so there is so little point worrying about it, and being annoyed about it- you might as well frickin' laugh about it and just go with the flow. I had two of my besties come from Sydney down and I am so grateful for their presence that there was no way I could have been disappointed about the day. Even though both of my dress straps broke and I forgot to wear my necklace. Anyhoo. Even more to the point about expectations- I didn't expect myself to drink, but I also didn't restrict myself and say that I wasn't going to drink. Sometimes you just need to put yourself into the situation and then assess, and come up with a plan of action right? If I wanted a glass of champagne, I'm allowed to have a glass of champagne, and then some vodka and Kombucha haha (cause that like balances out the killing of your gut (vodka) and putting back the good stuff right?!!!)
I mean, I just keep finding myself in situations where I'm like 'wow everything seriously happens for a reason'. I ended up dragging myself out Saturday night to meet up with some people we met at the races because my Sydney friends wanted to go, and I was not going to be a party pooper and not let them have a fun night out on the town. So I got my shit together, did some energising yoga and dressed so casual it was almost concerning when I walked into QT (yes the super beautiful new rooftop bar on Russell street in Melbourne). Like I'm there in my Adidas, pants and a shirt and coat with my 14 hour old makeup and mascara half way down my face. BUT holy crap did we have fun. I ended up meeting two guys who meditate AND do yoga which just blew my mind. I have never met a guy who meditates and does yoga. (I mean I am 20 so not many young guys are also into that sort of thing). But it's crazy how everything happens for a reason, and when you have no expectations, you don't get let down.
We have one life and we have no idea how long it is going to be. I know they say 'live every day like it's your last' but like that's kinda hard to do sometimes....cause if it was your last day you'd probs want to be on a tropical island with your favourite person and for some people (including myself) that not really on the agenda at the moment. So instead I say:
Hope, but never expect anything
Try, before your quit
Love before your hate
Expect nothing and appreciate everything
Just live for yourself
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